The One & Only SUV @ SEMA 2016 #TENSEMA16

Amongst the thousands of concepts, custom cars, sports cars, and trucks surrounding the Las Vegas SEMA Show this year, there was one SUV that stood out above the rest. That was “the one and only” 2017 Bentley Bentayga. Most of us dream of having a certain Lowrider to have in our possession, but if it ever came down to having the ultimate Sports Utility Vehicle, then this Bentley goes beyond dreams! This worlds most Luxurious SUV weighs in at Six thousand pounds, has 600 horses under the hood and has the baddest looking front end and grille you could imagine. Only problem is once you get past the dream of cruizen one of these “big Bodies, reality does set in when you have to come up with one that’s fully loaded at about 300,000.