Luis Lupercio was attending the Pomona Swap Meet with this 1951 Stepside when our web producer, Josh Ching, spotted it. Josh then approached him about the possibility of having it shot for the magazine, and while most people would be ecstatic about the opportunity, Luis negotiated with Josh and proposed that we shoot his ’47 Delivery instead.

1951 chevrolet 3100 step side truck tail gate

I then followed up with Luis to try to convince him to shoot both, but again, he was adamant about shooting just the Delivery. Then I thought about it, if I was going to drive from the OC to the Valley (a 70-mile drive), then I’d better make it worth my while so I was lucky enough to get him to shoot both the Delivery and the Stepside, which is being featured here.

1951 chevrolet 3100 step side truck driver side front view

At first I assumed that Luis only wanted me to only shoot the other car because it was at a higher level than this one. After all, the delivery truck was his new toy so I assumed that he was treating the other like a redheaded stepchild. It was only during the shoot that Luis made it obvious why he only wanted me to shoot one car. “You had me busting my ass all day yesterday trying to get both of these cars ready. It was a lot of work and I almost canceled on you because I didn’t think I could get them ready.”

1951 chevrolet 3100 step side truck dash

Not really knowing he was going to get into a full detail, which is one of the things us photographers forget. But luckily for us, we were able to coax him into doing so and by the time this feature hits the shelves I’m sure all that work was well worth the memories both features will create.

Home Depot Truck

Vehicle Year/Make/Model
1951 Chevrolet 3100

Luis Lupercio

1951 chevrolet 3100 step side truck luis lupercio

Arleta, CA

Bad Bombs

1951 chevrolet 3100 step side truck rear fender

261-engine with Fenton headers and 2-inch straight pipes

Mint and Forest Green. Chrome by Astro Plating.

1951 chevrolet 3100 step side truck wood panel bed

Falcon Upholstery in Reseda, CA, brought the bench seat to life by using an off-mint color in an original pattern

Alpine stereo with Kenwood amps/mids and 10-inch subwoofers

1951 chevrolet 3100 step side truck pacoima blvd

15-inch Artillery with Firestone tires