For many years, this Ford Expedition served its purpose as a family vehicle. It lived its life as a means of transportation for Ricardo Rubio and his daughters, Alexis and Angela. But soon after relocating to Arizona, Ricardo would be exposed to the city’s Lowrider car scene—and it was a moment that affected all of them.

1999 ford expedition passenger side front view

With a few builds under his belt, Ricardo was off to transform a once family car into a world class lowrider, worthy enough to rep the prestigious Swift Car Club plaque. First on his heavy list of modifications was to throw on some Lambo doors, and that was soon followed up with a shaved tailgate, fiberglassed dashboard, as well as a one-of-a-kind grille created by Tiarra Grille. From there, it was off to visit Grand Prix in Phoenix where they laid down a custom blend of candy Tangerine ‘flake paint, with the infamous Chavo of Chavo’s Pinstriping layering a complex pattern scheme of tape shades, pinstripe, and leafing. Artist “T. Step” of Tempe, Arizona, added the finishing paint touches. He would go on to airbrush several life-like illustrations throughout the vehicle, some of which included a portrait of Groucho Marx and the famous Mexican actor Cantiflas. Vazquez Upholstery in Phoenix created a custom double-stitched orange vinyl and suede interior with tan headliner/carpet and painted dashboard. The project continued with some upgrades to the OE 1999 Ford engine that was equipped with an Optima battery, intake, painted accessories, and Flowmaster exhaust. With special-order 26-inch Bentchi Wheels powdercoated and pinstriped, the final step was wiring the elaborate stereo and audio system. George of La Economica Audio & Video got straight to work installing the Kenwood head unit, which controls the numerous dropdown monitors, Cerwin Vega tweeters, and Kicker subwoofers all powered by two Kinetik batteries.

1999 ford expedition custom subwoofer enclosure

With a laundry list of modifications, the final product is a loud representation of custom truck culture that breathes the diversity and power of lowriding. It’s a also a great example of how one man’s vision can transform a one-time family ride into a dual-purpose show machine that’s ready to show at a moment’s notice.

1999 Ford Expedition

Tangerine Tantrum

Ricardo Rubio

1999 ford expedition ricardo rubio

Car Club

Glendale, AZ

1999 ford expedition front grill

OE 1999 Ford engine equipped with Optima battery, intake, painted accessories, and Flowmaster exhaust.

Vazquez Upholstery in Phoenix installed a custom orange vinyl and suede interior with tan headliner/carpet and painted dashboard

1999 ford expedition dash

Grand Prix in Phoenix applied the candy Tangerine paint with Chavo’s Pinstriping adding a complex pattern scheme of tape shades, pinstripe, and leafing

26-inch powdercoated and pinstriped Bentchi wheels

1999 ford expedition driver side profile

With the completion of this detailed build, Ricardo and his transplanted family set down roots in their new city and found a community in its lowrider scene. “Special thanks goes out to my family, Abel, Chavo, Jaime, George M., Lil John, Decal Monkey, Eddie at Tune It, Damien Hartfield, and all the Swift Car Club family. More importantly, to my daughters, Alexis and Angela.”