Unless you’ve been through the arduous journey of building a custom vehicle, you’ll never fully understand the sacrifices one has to make to bring a dream to life. For Ivan Escarcega, of Phoenix, working two jobs for over a year led to the completion of the four-door masterpiece you see here. Having had an affinity for trucks with big wheels since high school, Ivan set out on his yearlong journey to achieve his dreams.

The first step was to upgrade the original 2007 Vortec with a throttle body spacer, cold air intake, and custom Flowmaster exhaust. The interior was completely gutted and retrofitted with blue leather/black suede inserts, as well as multiple Pioneer monitor screens, Rockford Fosgate mids, subs, and tweeters. A custom HD front end would be bolted on before the entire truck was covered in a Diamond-based Royal Blue paint. Local artist, Chavo added some silver leafing and pinstriping accents. The special order 2Crave wheels had finally arrived and were immediately mounted onto a set of 28-inch tires with custom blue whitewall tires.

As a member of Swift Car Club, Ivan knew his truck had to maintain their rigorous standards. Ivan does acknowledge that even with his exhausting long work hours and penny-pinching months, none of this could have been possible without the support of his family. He gives special recognition to his wife, Juanita, his three kids, Joel Sanchez, and brother Ernesto.

2007 Chevrolet Silverado

True Blue

Ivan Escarcega

Car Club

Phoenix, AZ

2007 Vortec 350 with throttle body and cold air intake

Blue leather with black suede inserts

Diamond-based two-stage blue with silver leaf accents

3-inch lowering kit for front and back

Custom 28-inch, 2Crave wheels mounted onto Dcenti tires with custom blue-colored whitewalls