As a teen Javier adopted a fascination for car customization. It’s what he wanted to do; it’s what he needed to do. But there was one big problem: He didn’t have a car of his own.

At the time his father granted him permission to drive his weekend truck (a 2000 Silverado), which soon became Javier’s daily. With each passing day he would think of ways to customize his pop’s truck and when he finally asked for permission to do so his father said, “If you want to customize something you should get a truck of your own.” So that’s exactly what he did.

After saving up, Javier purchased a brand-new 2007 Cadillac EXT and for the next couple of years he’d mod it when and where he could. Beginning with the stereo and slowly migrating to the interior, the EXT underwent a full-blown transformation that would take the once-stock luxury pickup and turn it into a full-blown show ride.

The first thing that stands out is the pearl and candy paintjob. Complete with patterns and an assortment of colors, it all comes together to create an artistic canvas of expression that is complemented by the 30-inch Diablo wheels, which required heavy modification to the wheelwells.

Inside, the interior was flipped by Ridin’ Dirty and implements a color palette that is influenced by the external color scheme. In its completed form, Javier had intentions of calling the truck “Money” but after his little girl took a liking to the paint scheme, she would often call the truck “Cinderella,” so that’s what he went with. Besides, there was no debate, because let’s face it, Javier may be the breadwinner of the home but she’s the one who runs it.

2007 Cadillac Escalade EXT


Javier Cuevas

Reno, NM



Stock with a K&N Filter, Flowtech headers, Flowmasters exhaust, Optima battery

Pearl white with House of Kolor purple, teal, pink, and blue patterns


Tan leather with blue suede inserts and purple piping

Kenwood stereo, two Gravity amps, four kicker speakers, and two 12-inch Kicker subwoofers

30-inch Diablo Morpheus wheels


Alan Signs, Narciso Gonzalez, and Jackie Herrera