Back in 2005, an opportunity presented itself to Ronnie Trujillo that he just couldn’t pass. He had the chance to pick a 1963 C10 from his cousin Sabas—and as a fan of the early ’60s-era trucks, it was a no-brainer to scoop it up. So with kids in tow, he shot on over and picked it up.

1963 chevrolet c10 low passenger side view

Being a fan of lowriding, the truck was a driver, but no looker, and that’s when he began to envision his build. He thought about everything from color to stance, but before the dream could be realized there came plenty of patience and stacking of the chips.

1963 chevrolet c10 wood bed

Once ready, the first thing on the list was to get the bodywork done. With all the kinks ironed out and the body sitting straight as could be, he had Jose Ramirez douse the body with an elegant and soothing champagne color that sported a contrasting white pearl top. And while the truck was in running condition when he received it, he decided that a bigger motor was in dire need. To address the issue, he had his good friend Rudy drop in a new 327 small-block that was then tested and tuned to perfection and after a few test runs, it was time to start disassembling engine parts to get it dipped in chrome.

1963 chevrolet c10 steering wheel

Inside, Barnes Upholstery revamped the interior and went with a tan velour and white vinyl interior—a motif that complemented the exterior theme. With the seats in mint condition, the next part of modding this truck came by way of his friend Laurence who installed an airbag setup, which sets the fender wheels right over the cross-laced wire wheels.

1963 chevrolet c10 front bumper

In all, it took Ronnie 13 years to get it to this point and anyone who’s been in his shoes can testify that a build of this caliber presents plenty of turmoil, joy, and a good chunk of change. Yet regardless of how much money was spent it doesn’t compare to the lessons this build has taught his boys. The valuable memories he was able to create with them taught them much about patience and determination, while serving as an informal education for the boys that is sure to have each of them building their own lowriders and carrying on not only the legacy, but the passion and fervor of lowriding.

1963 Chevrolet C10

Vehicle Nickname

Ronnie Trujillo

1963 chevrolet c10 trujillo family

Anaheim, CA

Old Style

1963 chevrolet c10 327 engine

327-engine with Edelbrock intake/carburetor, Holly headers, Magnaflow exhaust and Optima yellow top battery.

Champagne with pearl white

1963 chevrolet c10 rear bumper

air ride system

tan and white in vinyl and velour

1963 chevrolet c10 bench seat

Alpine deck, speakers and amp

14-inch 72-spoke cross lace with Coker 5.20