Typically in the backyard tinkering with cars, Harley Davidson (yes, he shares the same name as the famed motorcycle company) seems to always have his hands full working on one of many projects. At the time of this feature his current workload included a 1937 Chevy and a 1940. The 1937 was patiently awaiting a classic Pesco setup while the 1940 was waiting for parts and a bit of his time. But like most backyard enthusiasts, it’s essential to have a “Summer Ride” you can depend on. Here we’re featuring his 1954 3100 that he picked up earlier this year.

Before the start of summer, Harley began his search for a summer ride and says he “wanted something to play around with, and since trucks like these aren’t common around these areas, I wanted one and that’s what I got.” Through Instagram he found the 1954 3100 for sale; after a few DMs a deal was done and Harley, along with his club president, took an 18-hour drive to haul it right back-and that was 18 hours one way.

Harley will also be the first to admit that he tinkered with the truck just a bit, but states, “The truck was built by Joel Guerrero in California and it’s changed hands a few times since he initially sold it.” This all happened a few months back and while it’s a magazine-worthy feature, Harley’s already set his sights on selling it now that his 1940 is almost done. We’ll keep you posted on that build because if he’s willing to let this clean 3100 go then his 1940 must be one bad MOFO.

1954 Chevrolet 3100

Vehicle Nickname
Big Red

Harley Davidson

Kirkland, WA


350 small-block with Edelbrock carb/intake and Interstate battery

PPG Fire Engine Red with solid white

Airbag setup with a 5-gallon tank and two ViAir compressors

Red and white vinyl

Pioneer Stereo with two Rockford Fosgate amps, four 6-inch Rockford Fosgate speakers, and two 8-inch Kicker subwoofers

15-inch Artilleries with Firestone 5.60 wide white tires

Joel Guerrero