When a friend asked Max Torres to help him pick up a truck he had just bought, Max Torres did what any good friend would do and he lent him a helping hand. Little did he know that his kind gesture would pay itself back in more ways than one.

1953 chevrolet 3100 front end

When they got to the property, he spotted a 3100 buried in the backyard, and upon further inspection, he also noticed that it was actually a coveted five-window model, so they did a deal. Max’s passion for this ride must’ve been damn good because after the deal he had to remove junk and trim trees in order to get it out.

1953 chevrolet 3100 steering wheel horn

With the truck back home, he began to clean it all up to assess the damage and the results were surprising. The truck was in overall decent condition, but the gas and fuel lines were shot. So while replacing all the necessary parts, he decided to have the carburetor and radiator rebuilt and then did a major tune-up and fluid change before firing it back up-and surprisingly the 235 Trailmaster ran strong.

1953 chevrolet 3100 passenger side view

While the motor was out, he decided to start the bodywork with friends Jimmy Vigil and Max. They cleaned it all up and sent parts out for chrome. After a labor-intensive body scrub, they felt it was ready for Reflective Auto to lay the silver birch paint. Bob Padilla and Joey Demy then added striping to the hood, fenders, and silver leafing to the tailgate, while Innovations Upholstery then stitched together the black leather. Throughout the whole build Max kept collecting accessories, and he adds, “I wanted a Fulton theme to it, so I added as many pieces as I could, and I was able to get most of the parts from fellow club member Martin.”

1953 chevrolet 3100 wood bed

By the time he completed it, Max decided to two-tone it and redo the undercarriage to its original condition. “My goal was to build a clean truck,” Max says, and that’s exactly what he created. Working on and off the project for a total of five years, it was an arduous trip, but one well worth the bumpy road; but the most important part of this build were the memories he created with his son.

1953 chevrolet 3100 side badge

Due to the untimely death of his son in 2014, some of Max’s last memories of his son were of the two of them working on the truck. Those memories are ones that will live forever, and memories that will forever be cherished, because he still lives in the hearts of those who love him.

1953 Chevrolet 3100

Vehicle Nickname

Max Torres III

1953 chevrolet 3100 max torres

Albuquerque, NM


1953 chevrolet 3100 235 motor

A 235 straight-six with Rochester carburetor, original cloth-braided spark plug wires, Fenton headers, and true dual exhaust

Two-tone paint with silver birch as its main color

1953 chevrolet 3100 passenger side rear quarter view

Restored to original

Black leather bench seat, one-piece headliner, custom door panels and kick plates and a butterfly steering wheel

1953 chevrolet 3100 dash glove box

15×7 Artillery’s with Coker fat whitewall tires