Much like a roller coaster, life has a funny way of taking us through life-changing twists and turns. Yet no matter how many highs and lows we endure, the key to surviving any ride is to simply hang on. Just ask Alex Corella.

In 2008 he purchased his first truck. It was a 3100 that he religiously chipped away at up until 2013 when his efforts paid off and he landed a feature here in Lowrider. At the time of his feature, Alex was riding high when life served him some issues, forcing him to sell it. Knowing that it was nothing more than a turning point in his life, he held on for the ride knowing that one day he’d be back.

In 2015 he was ready to make a move. He purchased this 1951 3100. It was listed on Craigslist and in dire need of a major restoration. “It was rusted, the bed was no good, and it needed just about everything, but I was able to see the potential,” Alex says. To begin his wife, Elizabeth, lent a helping hand in the bodywork while Alex rebuilt the engine. The truck then bounced from shop to shop, and after many failed promises it wasn’t until Real Deal Garage stepped in that the truck got painted, patterned, and striped. Charlie Bent took care of the airbag install and wheels while Rafa’s Upholstery did the interior. To finish it off, Jose Hernandez added a Chicano Lifestyle mural.

“The truck is me! It has a lot of what I identify with,” Alex explains. But he also says the build isn’t finished. With hopes of chroming the entire undercarriage, future plans also include a painted and patterned belly and frame as well as a touch of engraving and gold plating.

1951 Chevrolet 3100

Firme 51 Dos

Alex Corella

Rio Rico, AZ


235 straight-six, AC Delco starter, Rochester carburetor, PerTronix ignition, Fenton headers

Two-tone with House of Kolor black and Axalta silver

Two Vi-Clone compressors, 3-gallon tank, and two switches

Bench seat wrapped in tweet gray with a butterfly steering wheel

Alpine stereo and two 6×9-inch speakers

100-spoke 14×7 wires with 5.20 Premium Sportways

Wife, Elizabeth; daughter, Mickey; Ray Salazar; Max Rosadillo; Jose Hernandez; Charlie Bent; Joseph Corella; family; and friends