A broken promise impacts the future, but a lie usually involves the past. And while some see both as the same, there is a difference. After promising to not turn this truck into a lowrider, Martin “Pinky” Robledo did the complete opposite and in turn created yet another amazing lowrider. So how did it go down? Read up and find out.

As the owner of a 1985 Monte Carlo, Pinky took pride in his ride but deep down inside what he really wanted was a Chevy Stepside. He had wanted that truck ever since seeing his family friend with a 1951 and after telling his father about his wish, he was told to save up half the money, and his father would put in the rest.

Eager to take his father up on the offer, he sold the Monte for $4,000 and began his search. Shortly thereafter is when he realized that both him and his father were looking for two entirely different trucks. Pinky was looking for a project he could build and call his own while his father was looking for a truck that was complete and ready to enjoy. Looking to convince his father otherwise, Pinky says, “I showed him a ton of trucks but he would always say no because they needed too much work.” With no luck convincing his father, it wasn’t until a few months later that he found a truck they both agreed upon, the only problem was Pinky had already blown his share of the money. With the perfect truck in hand, but no money to contribute, his father stepped up to the plate and decided to buy the truck outright as a gift for his son.

They called the seller who had listed the truck on the Austin Craigslist and realized the truck was actually located some 10 hours away in Arkansas. After some fair negotiations they finalized the deal, hitched up a trailer, and made their way to pick it up. Upon their arrival, they did a short meet and greet, gave the truck a once-over, but before finalizing the deal, the owner of the vehicle made Pinky promise that he wasn’t going to make it a lowrider. Caught off guard by the request, he was eager to seal the deal and while Pinky’s intentions were to do just that, he otherwise agreed.

Upon making it back home, Pinky figured the truck would remain the same since funds were tight, but after a lot of hustle and plenty of saving he eventually got the truck to sit exactly the way he wanted it. So in the end, did he really break a promise? Well that’s up for debate because all we see here is a great example of classic truck that is stanched to perfection.

1951 Chevrolet 3100

Vehicle Nickname
Broken Promise

Martin “Pinky” Robledo

Tyler, TX


2006 GMC 5.3 LS1 with K&N filter, Summit Racing electric fan, Engineered Cooling Products aluminum radiator, LS1 low-profile intake, MSD wires, shorty headers, Flowmasters exhaust, Corvette fuel rail covers, and ball milled master cylinder

PPG Cool Vanilla and a Ford pastel sand color

Two 444-ViAir compressors, one 5-gallon chrome tank, and two-link setup

Custom vinyl red interior with Classic Instruments gauges, ididit steering column, and Billet Specialties steering wheel

15×5 Artillerys with 165R15 Coker tires