1950 Chevy Suburban – Pick of the Litter

With a collection of 10 lowriders, this Suburban is the biggest and boldest of them all

When you have 10 well-built lowriders sitting in your garage, it’s hard to imagine that you can actually have a favorite. But not for Sam Stone, of Kansas City, Missouri. “Although I have 10 complete custom lowriders,” Sam tells LRM, “I’d have to say my favorite, and the one that stands out, is my Suburban.”

As a child, Sam grew up around lowrider culture. “I remember as early as 6 years old I was handing my father wrenches in the garage.” Sam adds, “It’s just second nature to me.” His very first custom car came in the way of a classic Chevy Biscayne, but Sam soon had to part ways with it upon the arrival of his firstborn. As time passed, Sam continued to save and once he was able to build up his finances again, he purchased a 1953 Bel Air from a friend who was looking to unload it.

Although the classic lowriders have a great style, Sam wanted something even bigger and more family friendly. He started looking for an SUV or truck and his dreams came to fruition in 2007 when he found a 1950 Chevy Suburban in California. Now a resident of Kansas City, Sam had to make arrangements to head back out to California to pick up the classic Chevy. Sam drove out with a trailer and when he got to the house he realized that the motor needed a complete overhaul. Luckily that was his specialty, so he loaded her up and brought her home.

Once back home, Sam put his trade to work by removing the stock motor, completely rebuilding it, along with the timing chain, gears, gaskets, and seals in the tranny. Once the Suburban was back to perfect running condition, Sam turned his attention to the air ride. “I pulled apart the entire suspension and saw that regular household plumbing was used.” Sam adds, “That just wasn’t going to work with me.” Sam added larger bags, new lines, all-new wiring, and brand-new compressors to get it functional. For the body, Sam searched for an aftermarket sunvisor to add to his new Suburban for a more aggressive look.

As the owner of two Meineke Car Care Centers in Kansas, Sam dedicates his profession to making sure his customers have safe, properly working vehicles, so it only made sense to exceed expectations on his custom SUV.

Sam wishes to thank his good friend Blas Ledesma for the inspiration and leadership throughout all his creativity and fabrication work. A special thanks to his wife, Maggie, and his Viejitos club members for their support. Although there are many choices for Sam to ride in, the “Pick of the Litter” is always his first choice.

1950 Chevy Suburban


Pick of the Litter


Sam Stone


Kansas City, MO




4.3 Vortec, 700-R4 transmission, chrome dressup, chrome hood hinges, power brakes, power booster


Sunvisor, chrome valve covers, custom rear stoplight, Sand Dune Ivory and Retreat Green, gray paint


2,500-pound Firestone airbags, dual 480 ViAir compressors, two switches


Restored to stock, rear blinds


Custom head unit in glove compartment, JL Audio 8-inch subwoofer, JL Audio components, JL Audio amplifier


16-inch artilleries, 16×4 Firestone wide whitewalls