Remember when you got your driver’s license? Back then it was all the rage. It meant you were free to roam around, and you made just about any excuse to take a drive. Call it a reason to leave the house, or the joys of being able to wander the streets, but for Joe Aguirre it was a life-changing experience.

One of those momentous drives would take Joe right past a house where a broken-down 1950 Chevy pickup sat in disrepair. He drove by a few more times, but it wasn’t ’til days later that he’d muster up the courage to stop and ask the owners if it was for sale. A few knocks later, the owners of the truck reassured Joe that they were not interested in selling the truck and that it would never be for sale, and in seconds his dream was shattered.

Not ready to give up, he’d drive by from time to time and try to get them to budge but each and every time he was politely rejected. Not one to give up, and actually quite stubborn if you ask me, he continued the tradition. And as days turned to weeks, months into years, it wasn’t until sometime later that they broke down and finally agreed to sell it.

So exactly how long did it take for Joe to succeed? The answer is: an incredible 15 years!

Now that he had his newly acquired truck, he already knew what he wanted to do. He wanted a classic OG look with just a tad bit of customization. It’s a look that’s all too familiar when it comes to Old Memories Car Club and a style that ultimately landed him in the club.

To begin, Joe took on the task of prepping the body for the PPG Verde Chiaro paint. With a classic vibe and a picture-perfect finish, he tackled the interior and made sure that the stitching matched what was available and produced in the ’50s. The original 235 was completely overhauled and brought back to factory specs and it even features an original factory windshield washer bottle and air cleaner.

The customizing portion of this build came by way of the Slam Specialty airbag suspension. In order to make it operable, a C-notch on the frame allows it to lay on its rockers and now that he’s spent many nights and early mornings hitting local hot spots, he now says it’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride he’d long waited for.

1950 Chevrolet Pickup

El Chapo

Joe Aguirre

Old Memories

Tucson, AZ

1950 Chevy 235 with Fenton Headers, dual straight pipes, and three-speed trans

Verde Chiaro by Mike Ramirez in Tucson

Specialty airbag setup with four switches

Brown leathers in original stitching and patterns

15-inch artillery wheels with 5/60 Coker whitewalls