Southern California Lowriders have definitely seen that bright yellow bomb truck rolling to shows and get-togethers spanning from down south in San Diego, all the way up through Orange County to Los Angeles. The truck is complete with all accessories; including the rear skirts, windshield visor, and side window air conditioning unit. In the last couple years, it has been Ronnie Trejo of Temptation Car Club who has been cruising it here and there, but if you ask Ronnie about his ride, he’ll be quick to tell you that it is his beloved father’s truck. His father, Ben Trejo, unfortunately passed away back in 2005, but the truck continues to honor his memory. Having been in the family for many years before his passing, this little trokita was the dependable work horse for the family, frequently being used to pull trees. Eventually, when the desire to customize the truck had arisen, Ronnie helped his father bring this stock truck to a whole new level; giving it that undeniable Lowriding look.

The father and son duo, along with some help from fellow Temptation Car Club members, revamped the daily driver into a head-turning force to be reckoned with. The truck soon became a Lowriding icon, especially in Orange County, where they are based. Once Ben passed away, the truck was stored and simply sat for almost seven years. His passing was hard on the family, but over time, it was also hard to see the truck sitting there not being used. Friends and family urged Ronnie to dust off his father’s truck and get it back up to running condition. Thanks to their motivation, Ronnie did just that and in 2012, the classic Chevy reemerged better than ever.

Some upgrades were needed after the seven long years. Ronnie purchased a new set of yellow spoke Galaxy wire wheels to match the paint. The headliner and bed’s Tonneau cover were falling apart, so Ronnie took it to Auxcion Custom Upholstery (formerly known as A&J’s) in Garden Grove. The butterfly steering wheel was donated to Ronnie by his brother Albert “Puppet” Mungia of Classics Car Club. The old two-knob stereo was thrown out and Jose, of Yastuvo Videos Kenwood, installed an in-dash Kenwood unit. The unique compass was made by fellow club member Russell Cardwell and the pipe and pipe holder were given by Dinky of Old Style Car Club. The devil spear and ribs were purchased from “Crazy George” Luna, founder of Viejitos Car Club. Any chrome that had to be re-dipped was given to Peter Tapia, of Anaheim Plating in Anaheim, California.

Ronnie would like to give a special thanks to his wife, Teresa, and their daughters for supporting him during all the sleepless nights the build entailed. Thanks also go to his Temptation Car Club members and to Sergio Avila, Nasario Bastida, Puppet, and everybody else who helped push him to get the truck back out. Ronnie says he has his own Lowriding projects currently in the works, but he is glad that his father is still “riding in peace” through this famous yellow ’51.


“Paid His Dues”

Owner: Ronnie Trejo

Vehicle: 1951 Chevy pickup

City/State: Garden Grove, California

Club: Temptation (Orange County, CA)

Engine: Straight six cylinder 235-c.i.d.

Body/Paint: Angel Guillen of Riverside, California originally did the body work and paintjob on the ride, spraying a candy pearl yellow finish. The late Angelo Maisano added the final touches with his trademark pinstriping. Sal Elius, also of Riverside, was the man elected as the airbrush muralist.

Interior: The late Jesse Valadez of both Imperials Car Club and A&J’s Upholstery in Garden Grove took care of the upholstery needs, stitching up a two-tone tweed interior with orange accents.

Sound System: Jose, of Yastuvo Videos, installed a Kenwood head unit into the dash.

Setup: Fellow Temptation Car Club member, Richard Rodriguez of Westminster, California installed a whammy hydraulic pump with hardlines. The custom 4-link setup allows the truck to slam down, frame on the ground.

Tires: 155/80/13 Hercules whitewall

Wheels: 13×7 100-spoke Galaxy