Rudy Giron, of Perris, CA., has always been into cars but it wasn’t until he met some new friends that his interest for big wheel cars began. “In my area, there were more Lowriders and Mini-Truck types of cars, and once I started hanging around some of the people from Santa Ana, I started getting into big wheels and candy paint.” The chance to buy his first big wheel project came to Rudy three years ago through one of his good friends. “My friend needed money really bad. He knew that I was into cars and that I would take good care of the truck; so he sold it to me.” The truck was in stock condition when he got it, so Rudy decided to throw some 26-inch Lexani wheels on it. He then added an Escalade frontend and had Izzy, of Tintaz Candy, pattern-out the paint. “I wanted to have a Lowrider paintjob on my truck because I want to keep that tradition going. Lowriders and the new era cars are different; it’s easy to go and buy a new era car at a car lot, but Lowriders are classic and are hard to find, and when you do find one, they’re expensive.”

Rudy would like to thank everyone that has had a hand in building his truck. “I would also like to thank Lowrider Magazine for making room in the magazine for us to have somewhere to showcase our cars; that means a lot to a lot of us.

Tech Specs


Owner: Rudy Giron

Vehicle: 2003 Chevy Silverado

City/State: Perris, CA

Club: Nokturnal

Body/Paint: After the Escalade frontend was added and J&K Auto Body candied it, Izzy of Tintaz Auto Body of Baldwin Park, CA., started laying out multicolor candy paint patterns through the whole truck.

Interior: Eddie, of Backyard Upholstery in Gardena, CA., combined vinyl, stingray and suede in white and blue to make up the interior. The door panels were fiber glassed.

Sound System: Javier Gutierres of Audio Systems from the Inland Empire installed the Alpine deck, JL Audio amps and Kicker speakers.

Setup: Kevin of Sik Fabrication in Corona, CA., installed the airbag setup.

Tires: Fullway 305/30R26.

Wheels: 26-inch Lexani’s.