Most eleven-year-old kids have daydreams of shopping sprees in toy stores or eating ice cream but for Jose Silva, his dream was much more grandiose. He certainly wanted a toy of his own, but we aren’t talking about Hot Wheels here; Jose wanted the real thing. A product of Rioverde SLP Mexico, Jose and his family migrated to the north side of Houston, Texas where an afternoon sighting near his school inspired Jose’s dream. He saw his first Lowrider that day, it was a Bomb truck, “I couldn’t even tell you the year,” Jose tells us, “I was just mesmerized.” It was in that moment that he put away the kiddie dreams and latched onto the big boy dream of owning his own Bomb, so he began saving his paychecks and putting away his “Bomba” fund.

Jose began testing his passion on a couple of Oldsmobile Cutlass vehicles but the creativity wouldn’t last long as Jose became more invested in getting married and relocating to Middlesex, North Carolina. He found a new car to cruise in with his friends but his fortune changed when he got wind of a rumor going around that a 1949 Chevy 3100 truck was for sale locally. Jose drove to see the truck and knew from the moment he first saw it that it was the truck he was dreaming of. While he saw a dream, his friend that made the trip with him saw more of a nightmare as the truck had been neglected for a long time and needed a ton of work. Jose’s goal was to prove his friend wrong and turn the truck into a rolling work of art.

He had the truck towed directly to a restoration shop in Carolina because of their promise that they could complete the job. After six grueling months, Jose wasn’t impressed with the progress or work they had done so he had the truck taken back to his house. His loyal Majestics brothers worked tirelessly, replacing all the truck’s metal and bringing her back to life step by step. The end result took about two years to finish and Jose can now look back with enjoyment and pride with his accomplishment. “I have to thank my loving and understanding wife, Angelica, my son, Anthony, and daughter, Ashley, for allowing me to spend my free time building my truck,” Jose tells LRM. “I also have to thank my Majestic brothers, Carlos Gomez and Sherod Peace, for their help.” Aztek 49 may have started as a pile of rust in a field, but it ended up becoming one of the finest Chevy bombs on the East Coast.

Tech Specs

Nickname: Aztek 49

Owner: Jose Silva

Vehicle: 1949 Chevy 3100 Truck

City/State: Middlesex, North Carolina

Club: Majestics C.C.

Engine: Mike from Mike’s Performance in Rockymount, North Carolina added a 1977 Chevy 350. The transmission was built by Charlie’s Transmissions. A dress-up kit was added. Emblems and accessories all came from OldieGoldie Classic Truck Parts.

Body/Paint: Jose handled the metal work with the help from the Majestics crew in North Carolina. Pablo Prado from Kandy and Chrome laid down sick patterns over the Kandy Brandywine and white pearl. Murals were added to each rim. Concord plating was used for all the chrome.

Interior: Pepe’s Upholstery in Durham, North Carolina added a whole new cabin using tan and red leather. Nardy steering wheel with chrome column, Dakota Digital dash and OG Chevy stereo were all added to the dashboard

Setup: Fellow Majestics member Carlos Gomez added the two-pump, four-dump Homies hydraulic setup. The setup was hard-lined and mounted in the center of the bed. Four deep cycle gel batteries power the 8-inch cylinders to the front and the 6-inch cylinders to the rear. The two-switch panel on the dash handles all the necessary moves

Tires: 155/80 R13 Cornell rubber

Wheels: 13 x 7 OG Wire wheels painted and given murals