2002 GMC Yukon – Neck Breaker

Dippin’ in Santa Ana

When it comes to automotive customization, the only rule is that there are no rules. In line with this thinking, a daily driver can be every bit the custom beauty in our garages, it just takes a little creativity. Just ask Daniel Zavala, a construction worker out of Santa Ana, CA., who wanted to buy himself a dependable, yet customized vehicle to drive around town. Five years ago, Daniel ended up purchasing a 2002 GMC Yukon as a family car that he and his wife could share. Before long, the couple’s ride was equipped with rims and airbags and a new style that Daniel wanted to take even further. “This is the first ride that I had ever customized,” beams Daniel. With their new custom ride, Daniel and his wife, Faviola, joined Still Tippin car club and started hitting the show scene. After participating in a few car shows and never walking away with any trophies, the couple decided to redo the whole truck.

The first step in giving the Yukon its new look was to send it to Speed-Tech Autobody, in Santa Ana, CA., to receive a DuPont Hot Hues paintjob. Bob Iverson, of Fountain Valley, CA., added the gold leafing and pinstripes. Joe Camacho of California Upholstery, in Bell Gardens, CA., stitched together the interior, using multiple animal skins. Gabriel Zavala, of Chalac’s Kustoms, in Santa Ana, installed the fiberglass center console and subwoofer enclosure. Gabriel also installed the Kenwood in-dash, Audiobahn amps and subwoofers, Pioneer mids and tweeters, and the Slam Bags air suspension.

Daniel would like to thank everyone that helped him build his project, and his wife for helping out and supporting him as well. “I want to dedicate this article to my grandpa, Daniel Belman, who passed away a week before the photo shoot.

Tech Specs

“Neck Breaker”

Owner: Daniel Zavala

Vehicle: 2002 GMC Yukon

City/State: Santa Ana, CA

Club: Still Tippin

Engine: Stock V8 4.8L with Kinetik battery.

Body/Paint: DuPont Hot Hues was used on the Tahoe.

Tires: Pirelli 295/25R28.

Wheels: MHT 28-inch DUB Autobahn.