Road Trippin’ a 2006 Harley-Davidson Road King

How a simple joke became no laughing matter

When a friend needed a ride to pick up his newly purchased bike at the local Harley-Davidson dealership, Rolando Caudillo was quick to oblige. Rolando himself had always been a fan of HDs so it sounded like a fun trip. So without hesitation, Rolando did so with pleasure but little did he know that the trip—and an innocent joke—would lead him down an unexpected path.

After dropping his friend off, Rolando was about to pull off when he leaned over to his wife, Michelle, and jokingly asked her if she would buy him a Harley. As he waited for her to roll her eyes, the seemingly innocent joke would escalate to entirely different proportions and literally land him in the hot seat. But this is where the story gets better. Yep, the very next day Rolando found himself on the driver seat of a brand-new Harley-Davidson Road King Classic.

But the bike was much more than a work of art. The bike represented a throwback in time and served as a reminder of not only his youth, but his father. As a child, Rolando’s father used to take him to local car shows and it was there he took an affinity to the culture that had grown ever since. Now with a newly acquired HD, Rolando already knew exactly what he wanted to do so he started the complete overhaul taking cues from his lowriding roots and creating the incredible machine you see here.

First on the list was an upgraded exhaust courtesy of Torch Industries in Phoenix. The bike would then receive stretched fenders, saddlebags, and a custom air-ride suspension. To up the overall appeal, the entire bike was covered in a Chopper Blue and then accented with gold leaf pinstriping lines and scrolls. Tons of new chrome was bolted on, as well as the American Wire wheel with whitewall tires. With an Alpine audio system now blaring out his favorite tunes, it was time to finally hit the boulevard. “One day, I hope my kids have the opportunity to take their own families to a car show,” Rolando says. “But not too soon,” he says, jokingly.

2006 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic


Rochl (Rochelle)


Rolando Caudillo Jr.


Phoenix, AZ


Stock 88ci retro-fitted with custom exhaust by Torch Industries


Candy Cobalt Blue over a silver basecoat with gold leafing accents


Custom Arnott air-ride suspension


American Wire Wheels with front and back whitewalls tires