2015 Harley-Davidson Street Glide – A Therapeutic Build

Moving to Florida couldn't stop one man from sporting that classic West Coast look and feel

When the infamous Northridge quake hit in 1994, it not only shook the ground but it displaced many who were unable to go back to their homes, and Omar Ayala was no exception. “Our house got condemned after the earthquake so we decided to move to Miami because we had family out there,” Omar says.

Fast-forward to 2003 and his father’d had enough of Miami and moved back to the San Fernando Valley. Soon thereafter, the rest of his family followed suit—but not Omar. He had just started his career as a police officer and his daughter was about to be born. “I didn’t want to start my family back in L.A. because my girl was from Miami and I already had everything set.”

But the distance between them didn’t stop Omar from visiting his folks every other year. He would make it a point to travel back to the West Coast to visit his parents. But soon tragedy struck as he wound up losing his father, and his mother shortly thereafter. Having trouble coping with their passing, his brother, who happened to be heavy into Harleys, recommended that he buy one as a form of therapy.

Needless to say, Omar took his word for what it was worth and bought his first motorcycle. He first built it with big wheels and airbags, just like they do in Florida, but at the end of the day that just wasn’t the look for him. “I wanted the cholo look on it like in the West Coast,” Omar says. With a different direction he hooked up with Justin Crato of Magic City Kustoms. To get that West Coast look, Crato knew exactly what he had to do so he laid down a candy pattern with accenting gangster letters done with leafing.

While the completed bike is flawless, Omar is still planning on bagging it to bring it down to the ground. Yet even as the bike is being featured, Omar’s intentions for building the bike were more to find peace of mind than to have it gracing our pages. It’s an inspirational build that helped him through arduous times and a passion project that truly shows that custom cars and bikes all share a story of importance and value, all you have to do is find out what it is.

2015 Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Vehicle Nickname

La Esperanza


Omar Ayala


Miami, FL


Chrome Twin Cam 103


House of Kolor candy Brandywine with lavender patterns, leafing, and striping


Brown leather seat with diamond stitching


Double deck din monitor with 5.5-inch speakers

Wheels & Tires

21-inch DNA Fat Daddy spoke wheel with Vee Rubber tire