2010 Harley Davidson Road King – Gold Digger

Built to impress, this bike has a bad habit of taking things home.

Once heralded as the “old man” motorcycle, bobbers have escaped that shroud and have since become a platform that’s continued to change the motorcycle landscape. Although it can be argued that bobbers and choppers remain at the forefront, many customizers have embraced the immense possibilities when it comes to modding a bike of this type, and it’s with good reason. A larger canvas makes for more possibilities and this bike is a great example.

When John Shope, of Dirty Bird Concepts (DBC), took to building a new bike, he embraced the bobber as the perfect platform to showcase his innovative designs and custom-made parts. But his inspiration also came as a result of Lowrider magazine. The very cars found in this magazine became a source of inspiration for his build, and in due time he was able to create a one-off custom that snaps necks and snatches awards.

In the beginning, this one-off motorcycle began as a lengthy to-do-list of one of-a-kind custom-made parts and accessories. With most of the mods completed by DBC, among his many contributions would include a custom tank, intake, fenders, wheels, and suspension. Once completed, these items would then be accented by 24-karat gold plating, featuring handcrafted engraving. From there, DBC would then chop the neck, stretch the Harley-Davidson frame and mount a modified Corvette air shock system to accommodated the one-piece, 30-inch front wheel. Out back sports an 18-inch rear wheel created by Glendyne Designs.

A 107ci engine fitted with an open belt drive and a Dirty Bird exhaust and six-speed transmission powers the 2010 Road King. Needing just a few final touches, those additions came by way of a built-in rosary and inserts, featuring pencil drawings depicting traditional Chicano prison art. This unique art can also be found on the fenders, gas tank, and even the lip of the wheels.

When asked about the inspiration behind the build, he backtracks to earlier conversation and says, “I grew up reading Lowrider magazine and continued to do so through college.” Now that the bike is complete, it’s already taken home its fair share of awards and trophies, which is why it earned its moniker “Gold Digger.” But more rewarding than the trophies is the admiration he’s received from fellow lowriders. Yet as he talks more about the community and the pleasure he takes in his builds, he ends by saying, “I’m just glad to see the Lowrider community has embraced these bikes the way they have. This is my latest creation and there is no limit to what we can create.”

Let’s see what comes next, and we’ll keep you posted!

2010 Harley-Davidson Road King


Gold King


John Shope


Phoenix, AZ


2010 Harley 107ci with open belt drive


Black suede and leather stitched solo seat


Black basecoat covered in Gold flaked patterns with pencil art accents


Custom Corvette air shocks


One-piece, 30-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels with gold-plated, hand-engraved detailing