Chris Florez’s 2005 Harley Electra Glide

When one Harley just won't do

We first came across Chris Florez’s 2005 Harley at 2015 LOWRIDER Magazine sanctioned show in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This bike, which was magnificently on display in a 20×20 showcase, sat pretty along with three other Harleys—and each one of them nicer than the next. Now picture this: the bikes were set up with their rear fenders facing each other and the fronts pointing outward—so from an overhead view the bikes took on an X-formation in the middle of the showroom floor.

As we walked around the bikes, admiring the setups, we struck up a conversation with Chris, and damn did things get interesting. Being somewhat familiar with him—as he’s a frequent show attendee—we were pretty familiar with what he brings to the table, and soon enough we realized that he didn’t own just one of the bikes on display, but rather owned all of them.

Chris then briefly mentioned how he’s got more bikes at home, and that these were the only ones he brought out to play. After talking about the trials and tribulations of building so many bikes, he agreed with a grin and then mentioned that the only reason he didn’t bring all of them out was simply because it was a pain. He concluded saying, “This is the only time I’ve show all four of my bikes like this.”

Hoping to shoot all four bikes, time got the best of us so fortunately for us, Chris had a trip planned to Southern California later on that year for a Viejitos club event. During his trip we were able to bring him into our Santa Ana studio and snap a few flicks and here’s the outcome.

Hopefully sometime soon we can get all of them together but for now this gives you a good look at what’s in store when we finally do make that magic happen.

2005 Harley Davidson Electra Glide

Vehicle Nickname

Triple OG


Chris Florez


Bernalillo, AZ


Viejitos Vicleros


Twin Cam with Kuryakyn air cleaner, Samson exhaust with 39-inch Fishtails


Shaved and molded speakers to saddlebags, shaved and streatched the rear fender 7 inches. Painted the bike gray and white.


21-inch spoke wheels with Avon tires