Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1903, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company was created by William Harley and his childhood friend Arthur Davidson. In turn, what started off as a simple business venture wound up becoming one of America’s greatest and most recognized and appreciated brands. Since then, Harley-Davidson has won the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts all across the world and created a movement that Jorge Madrigal wanted to be a part of.

“When I lived in Mexico, if you had a Harley, you were wealthy,” Jorge tells LRM. “They weren’t for people driving to and from work.” As the son of migrant workers who moved from California to Mexico, before relocating one last time to Milwaukee, Jorge found himself living in the birthplace of the famed brand. During his off time, he occasionally spent time walking through the Harley-Davidson Museum and with each visit his passion grew and so did his ambition and drive to own one.

Once ready, Jorge located a 2005 Softail in Illinois. The lines of the bike as well as the design of the Springer front end enamored him. “It had that old-school, OG look,” Jorge says. Once he took possession of the Softail, he extended the saddlebags so he could add sounds to the bike, but that was just the start. Following that, a set of twisted ape hangers was installed, followed by exhaust and a plethora of parts (including rims and chrome) that were purchased from Harley-Davidson. As the wheels began turning, he found room for improvement, which is when he decided to go with aftermarket floorboards, a custom Johnny Legend Customs seat, and a stretched rear fender done with perfection by Reyes Customs.

The final product is one that breathes a cool, classic appeal and as a current Milwaukee native, it’s a Harley-Davidson that pays homage to the hometown in which his dream bike was built.

In closing, Jorge thanks his parents for their support and love as well as his girlfriend, Salina, for motivation to get the bike complete. Of course he’d like to extend a special thanks goes to his good friends Rogelio Zermeno from Somosuno, Rafael Hernandez, and Ricky Hernandez from GoodTimes for their help and guidance to make La Prieta one of the true OG motorcycles in Wisconsin.

Tech Specs

2005 Harley-Davidson Softail Springer FLSTSC

Vehicle Nickname
La Prieta

Jorge Madrigal

Milwaukee, WI

88CC five-speed

Chrome Plating

Deep black, stretched rear fender

1-inch drop kit for rear

21 and 18 DNA wheels, whitewall tires

Alpine sound system