Growing up in Tijuana, Oscar Segura spent many of his afternoons motorcycle spotting. As bikers crossed the border into the Baja California hot spot, he’d be left mesmerized by these unique metal creations. From the chrome to the custom paint, the rumble of the pipes to the glistening of the spokes, he’d watch as they made their way down the infamous Avenida Revolucion. The sights and sounds were enough to keep him entertained as a child, but as he approached his teens he was no longer content sitting on the sidelines. He wanted to be an active part of the scene, and that’s when his daydreams began and left him no choice but to own his very own Harley-Davidson.

No stranger to the world of customization, Oscar decided it was time to get off the bench and be a player, so after purchasing a 2004 Harley-Davidson Road King from a fellow car club member, he had the bike stripped down and sent to LA Baggers to receive a full makeover. Once there, Mando and crew would lay down a custom paintjob featuring a blend of Caramel, Copper Brown, and White Pearl paints that were then covered in a Green Pearl. From there, legendary artist Danny D stepped in to lay down some of his signature gold leafing and pinstripe designs. As the bike’s metalwork was being re-polished and chrome plated by AP Show Chrome, a custom-fabricated seat was then wrapped in black leather, complete with double stitching. LA Baggers would then take on the task of installing a custom airbag suspension, which helped eliminate the fender/ wheel gap on the custom-ordered 21-inch front wire wheels.

The final stage of his build was to complete the HD with custom tailpipes, handle bars, and a slew of other bolt-ons. With the bike finally done, he had the motor tuned and tested and that’s when he called upon his lady Yessi to make a memorable trip with him across the border into Tijuana. Much like he remembered as a child, they rumbled down the avenue just like the guys he had seen as a kid, except this time around he went as an active player who was sure to have motivated yet another young and inspired child watching from the sidelines, much like he used to do.

2004 Harley-Davidson Road King

La Presumida

Oscar Segura

Car Club
Klique, Las Vegas

Anaheim, CA

Original 2004 Harley-Davidson fuel-injected four-stroker

Custom black leather with double stitching

Copper and Green Pearl with gold leaf accents

Custom airbag suspension

21-inch chrome wire wheel up front, mounted on whitewall radials