There may be seven days in a week, but Friday is the one we all look forward to. Not only does it mark the end of the workweek, but more importantly it marks the start of our weekend. For many in this lifestyle, we can’t wait till we clock out of work and detail our rides. Just ask the fellas of La Vida Customs and they’ll tell you that it’s a weekly tradition.

2004 harley davidson road king classic side bags

With drinks in hand and detailing products ready to go, they start most of their weekends this way and from there it opens up a new world of what mods to do next. One eventful evening-after throwing back a few cold ones-they were looking over Donald Montoy’as bike and felt something more needed to be done. They felt that they needed to stretch the saddlebags and gas tank, so that’s exactly what they did.

2004 harley davidson road king classic side view 2

It was definitely a pretty iconic-and ironic-moment because Donald’s bike was already a stellar piece of machinery. Let’s not forget that Donald’s bike had just gotten featured in last year’s February issue of LOWRIDER, but nonetheless they had a much bigger vision so they wound up taking it down to the frame.

2004 harley davidson road king classic engine

“We even took out the motor,” Donald says. They didn’t realize they had went too far until they were looking at the stripped frame. “We were standing there and began laughing at what we did. It was there that we had to commit to give the bike a whole new makeover. By this time, they felt that the bike needed even more custom work than originally planned. Mark & Jonathon Lujan at La Vida Customs got a new frame and molded a 1938 Chevy headlight to it as well as the rest of the custom work. Joey Demny handled the metalwork and pinstriping after Mark Lujan laid the candy. Jerome at Southwest Chopper got the polished V-2 running properly. In just a couple of months the makeover was completed but Donald wanted to add a special touch to the bike before completing it. He had famed artist El Moise’s hand brush the Virgin Mary and the cholo angels in his unmistakable style.

2004 harley davidson road king classic handle bar neck

Needless to say, Donald is extremely happy with the end result but who knows, it may once again end up in pieces because Donald’s got plenty more ideas-as well as plenty more beer-so let’s wait and see if a version three launches sometime soon.

2004 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic

Vehicle Nickname
La Vida Loca

Donald Montoya

2004 harley davidson road king classic donald motoya

Albuquerque, NM

La Vida Customs

2004 harley davidson road king classic motor

V-2 four-stroke

House of Kolor Candy Brandywine with candy cobalt, magenta, and wild cherry patterns.

2004 harley davidson road king classic side view 3

Dirty Bird air system makes the bike lay on its custom frame

Custom metal pan seat

2004 harley davidson road king classic side headlight

Alpine PDX and a pair of 6.5-inch and 7×10-inch Focal mid speakers

26-inch SMT machined rim with VeeRubber tires

2004 harley davidson road king classic foot pedal

Special thanks
Wife and baby girl, Mya