Twisting the Game up with a ’39 Pontiac Convertible

In a game dominated by Chevy, it was only right to twist it up with a Pontiac

One evening during a cruise night, I spotted a 1939 Pontiac convertible; and it was a rare sight indeed. Having been in the lowrider game for quite some time, I’d be the first to tell you that it’s hard to find a 1939 Chevy restored to this condition, but a Pontiac at this level is what most would consider to be nonexistent.

Needless to say, I had to find the owner, so I approached a gentleman named Gerry Orozco, and he advised me that the Pontiac was just restored and no one had really seen it. After a bit more conversing, we struck a shoot date and two days later we met up.

With only two years in the game, Gerry is a newcomer to the lowrider scene but the impact he’s made is pretty intense. While speaking to him about the subject of lowriding, he was quick to mention that the game is dominated by Chevy and he wanted to shake things up. “I wanted to do something different and unique that you don’t see that often, so I steered away from Chevys,” Gerry says. In his quest to find the perfect platform, he found this car on eBay, listed by the original owner who lived in Pennsylvania. After a few clicks of the mouse, he won the car, had it shipped over, and once it arrived he found it to be in fair condition with just a bit of rust. Also included in the purchase, was the original owner’s invoice for the car. The car was purchased in June 1938 for $624 and still contained the original title for it.

To start things up, Gerry took the ragtop to club member Rudy Dominguez who worked on the car in his garage. Dominguez restored everything from the engine to the suspension and handled the bodywork and paint as well. The side mounts found on the car appear to be stock, but those too were custom additions handled by Rudy. Once complete, they wrapped it up by finishing off the wiring, while Precision Chrome Plating provided the mirror-finish chrome plating.

With the precious convertible complete and in tune, it’s a rare sight to see. But if given the opportunity to see this beauty in person you must because pictures do absolutely no justice to the level of craftsmanship performed to this drop-top.

1939 Pontiac Convertible

Vehicle Nickname

Bridgetown ’39


Gerry Orozco


West Covina, CA


Bridgetown Oldies


222ci inline six-cylinder


Special-made green enamel paint


Airbags setup with two ViAir compressors and eight valves


Hand-stitched stone gray leather interior


Pioneer stereo two Infinity 5.5- and 6.5-inch speakers


15-inch custom artilleries with 560 Firestone tires