TK Kennedy’s 1964 Chevy Impala Convertible

Work Hard & Stay Humble

When TK Kennedy watched his friends immerse themselves into lowriding, there was something magical about. At a young age, he soaked in all of the action and soon enough connected with lowriding, and the passion hasn’t stopped. “I remember watching my friends cut springs and heat up springs on their front lawn,” TK tells LOWRIDER. “Anything they could do to get their cars lower to the ground they did.”

Yet as time passed, he didn’t realize the affect those experiences and memories would have on his life, until the ’90s that is. It was then that he learned more about hydraulic setups, and the rest, as they say, is history.

So when it came time to find a car for himself, TK looked just about everywhere and that’s when he came across a 1964 Chevy Impala convertible that caught both his eyes, and ears. You see, at first sight the convertible looked much like any other 1964 but it was what was under the hood that really fired him up.

Tucked neatly inside the engine bay was a 375hp LS engine and that was enough to get TK to pull the trigger. By now most of our readers know just how important the LS motor is to the scene. It’s become the new standard when it comes to motor swaps, and with good reason. The LS motor is reliable and it’s a powerplant that was initially introduced in 1997 to power the Corvette. Soon thereafter, in 1998, they moved that motor over to the F-body, which is the Camaro and Trans Am platforms. The architecture of the LS series makes for an extremely strong engine block with the aluminum engines being nearly as strong as the iron generation I and II engines, so having one isn’t an option but more a necessity.

Once the Impala was back at his house, it was time for TK to rid the car of any impurities, so he started by correcting any blemishes and then added some of his personal touches. When it came time for him to juice it, he opted for a one-of-a-kind aircraft setup in the trunk, which is highlighted by the color-matched Adex dumps. Zenith Wire wheels help transfer power to the ground and in all it exhibits a mean stance and a clean look that’s refreshing and inviting.

Overall it’s one fine example of a lowrider and seeing it in person is simply unbelievable. As with most lowriders, pictures do this car absolutely no justice, so be on the lookout for this show vehicle at a show near you.

1964 Impala convertible by Chevrolet

Vehicle Nickname

California Hustle


TK Kennedy


Charlotte, NC


Volkswagen Harvest painted by Brent Reese, murals by Sal Elias


ZZ4 LS1, polished aluminum heads, EPWI roller rockers, S&P fuel injection, S&P pulleys, dual alternator setup, 605 power steering setup, aluminum radiator, CPP custom disc brakes, dual electric fans built by Manuel Rojas


Eemco aircraft setup, four pumps, four Adex dumps, six Optima batteries, 8-inch cylinders in the front and 12-inch cylinders in the rear, suspension done by Brent Reese, molded rearend by No Joke Customs


Fawn color, 1964 hardtop interior kit from Ciadella Interiors installed by Tha Connection

Sound System

owner-installed Kenwood head unit and components


Zenith wire wheels and Firestone tires


TK wishes to thank his wife, Keri, and daughter, Kendall, along with Brent Reese, Sal Elias, Manuel Rojas, No Joke Customs, and Sheen Jones. Having an Impala this flawless with a motor that boogies is a huge responsibility and one that TK is proud to take on.