Self Made 1963 Chevy Impala SS

From flipping the pages of LRM to flipping the script

Throughout the past four decades, Lowrider magazine has influenced thousands all across the globe. As the leading national publication for lowriding, it also continues to be the unofficial bible for all things lowrider. Just ask 41-year-old Eddie Thuringer. He didn’t stumble into this community by way of family or friends, instead he took all that he learned from the pages of the magazine and created his own rendition of his dream car.

A resident of Saint Paul, Minnesota, Eddie didn’t have tons of vehicles to view on the streets growing up. Occasionally he would spot a classic here and there, but in his heart he was always fond of the 1963 Impala style. “It was something about the lines, the way the dashboard looked,” he tells LRM. “It just seemed to be the perfect car for me.”

When he became an adult, it was time to locate the car he always wanted. Of course he wasn’t going to find it locally, so he searched throughout the country, finding his 1963 Impala SS in Pennsylvania. Although it was a 15-hour drive each way, it was a small price to pay for his dream ride. After getting it home, he drove it around town for the next five years with pride. With the itch for more custom touches that he’d seen in the magazine, he decided it was time to take the next step.

Every big build begins with the reinforcement of undercarriage, so Eddie, with the help of Randy, removed the frame from the body and gave it a full wrap. Eddie’s wife worked at a body shop so he used their paint booth where Randy laid down some rich orange paint throughout the entire body and undercarriage.

Eddie’s friend and club member Nik Simon got down and dirty, adding the custom hydraulic setup to bring the new Impala lower to the ground. The Chevy’s next treatment was the motor, with Eddie and his uncle building and installing the Chevy 350. Porfirio Padilla Hernandez got the call to transform the entire interior to match the exterior.

Eddie wishes to thank everyone who helped him along the way, Randy Mayberry, Nik Simon, his uncle Justin Baerthel, and his wife, Melissa, for putting up with him during the process. Building a car to this caliber requires countless hours away from family, so he’s grateful for all the support he has received. Self Made took a total of seven years to perfect but the results make every year worth the blood, sweat, and tears.

1963 Chevy Impala SS

Vehicle Nickname

Self Made


Eddie Thuringer


Saint Paul, MN

Club Affiliation



House of Kolor Sunset Orange over orange basecoat painted by Randy Mayberry, new bumpers front and back, chrome plating by New Image in Saint Paul


Chevy 350 all chromed and polished, mild cam, performed by Eddie and his uncle Justin Baerthel


World Wide Customs whammy setup installed by Nik Simon, Delta dumps, six Alliance batteries, 8-inch cylinders in the front, and 12-inch cylinders in the rear


Traditional stitched white with orange inserts and orange piping done by Porfirio Padilla Hernandez, painted dash, chrome cluster, orange carpeting


13×7 OG wire wheels, Tiger Paws 155/80R13