For the last few weeks, most have been following the progress of our 1968 Impala SEMA build collaboration with Quaker State. Like most builds, the completion came down to the final days leading up to the SEMA show. Were we a bit crazy to take on such an ambitious task so close one of the biggest automotive conventions? Yes. Was the risk worth the reward? We’ll let the attendees of SEMA make that decision. The mad dash to the finish line, although a close one, was supported in part by brothers Frank and Gil, who were largely responsible for putting the vehicle back together. Paul Stoll of PPG, Louie’s Customs and Pete Finlan long since completed the custom paint scheme featuring various green tape shades and raspberry laser fades, along with a multitude of pinstriping and gold leafing lines. What better way to kick start SEMA than to unveil what these master craftsmen had created. As the afternoon approached and the crowd grew and grew, it was finally time to lift the curtain on this memorable project. For now, the ’68 will be on display at SEMA until the end of the week. But, we’re not done yet. Make sure to stay tuned for the next phase of the Lowrider/Quaker State ’68.