We often joke with our little ones when we say, “When you grow up that car will be yours,” or “Someday, you will be driving that car.” Yet as time so often does, it passes us by and rarely do these little ones actually end up with that promised car.

1968 chevrolet impala fastback driver side view

Well not for Peter Becerra, of Palmdale, California. He wanted to make sure that this wouldn’t happen to him, so when a fellow Stylistics Car Club member, Pewee, put up a 1968 Chevy for sale, Pete knew this would be the car his youngest son, Ritchie, would eventually inherit. To add to the pressure, Ritchie would soon be turning 15, so Pete knew that there would be no time to waste, so he got the project off to a running start.

First on the list was a visit to John’s Auto who would rebuild the 350 small-block. Once rebuilt and tuned, he would bolt on a Flowmaster exhaust system, as well as a chrome accessory kit with accenting custom engraving by Edgar Barba. With partial reinforcement completed to the frame, it was off to One Way Hydraulics who would install a custom chrome whammy tank with four dumps and eight batteries.

1968 chevrolet impala fastback back seats

The bodywork was put in the hands of “Chelys” who would also lay down a unique blend of House of Kolor Cobalt Blue. Peter “Krazy” Becerra himself would create the complicated multi-pattern layers found on the hood, roof, and trunk of the car. Mike Lamberson would then come in to add those finishing touches of fine line ‘striping throughout the car. With special-order, all-chrome Zenith wire wheel 13×7 Dayton Wire Wheels mounted onto white radial tires, the final step of this project was a trip to visit Joe at California Upholstery where they would create a one-of-a-kind custom interior complete with TVs and a tailor-made center console.

1968 chevrolet impala fastback driver side view

“Many people had a hand in this family heirloom” Krazy Pete says. “I would personally like to thank Juan Rodriguez, Titolistic, as well as fellow club brothers Mario and Michael. I could not have done any of this without you. Most importantly, to mijo Ritchie … it’s almost time to enjoy your ride.”

1968 Chevrolet Impala Fastback

Maldito Vicio

Peter Becerra

1968 chevrolet impala fastback peter becerra

Car Club
Stylistics A.V.

Palmdale, CA

1968 chevrolet impala fastback chrome engine accents

Rebuilt 350 with chrome and engraving accents and Flowmaster exhaust by John’s Auto in Palmdale

Full-custom interior from California Upholstery complete with TVs and custom center console

1968 chevrolet impala fastback driver side

Krazy himself would create the multi-pattern layers, with Mike Lamberson adding finishing touches of fine line ‘striping throughout the car

One Way Hydraulics installed a custom chrome whammy tank with four dumps and eight batteries

Special-order, all-chrome Zenith wire wheels mounted into radial whitewall tires