It’s simple: Love is a two-way street. What you want, you must give in return. When it comes to someone giving you that good ol’ unconditional love, you’d better expect to pay the price because that type of love and loyalty must be reciprocated unconditionally. So when she says jump, you jump; when she says she’s tired of riding shotgun in your lowrider, you do the same damn thing—you jump into action and you build her one. So that’s exactly what Nash Moncayo did for his wife, Jerri.

When she suggested that she get a lowrider of her own, Nash took the request seriously and within hours had a platform in mind. It was a 1985 Buick Regal he was using as a hopper and it made for the perfect project, so with a few friends they gutted the Regal and in just over a year they brought it back to life as a luxury lowrider fit for a queen.

The entire build revolved around the custom two-stage Fuchsia pearl paintjob laid down by the guys at I.E. Finest Auto Body and Paint. Mike Lamberson later added accenting leaf and pinstripe lines for some depth to the ultra-glossy paint scheme. The interior picks up colors from the exterior paint scheme, and up front you’ll notice something a bit different as you gaze at the artfully revamped 1997 Cadillac Eldorado seats. In addition, a custom headliner and custom center console are nestled into position while out back is where the crown jewel resides. In the trunk spectators will find a clean setup with four batteries mated to a custom Hoppo’s-built two-pump whammy tank that is hardlined into four square dumps. Then to connect the Regal to the concrete jungle is a set of original Dayton Wire wheels that were refurbished, rechromed, and massaged onto a new set of whitewalls.

The car came together just in time to show his wife how grateful he was for all her support. And since she’s his “Ride or Die” they aptly named her Regal “His Do or Die Chick” as a tribute to his wife and all she has done.

1985 Buick Regal

His Do or Die Chick

Jerri Moncayo

Car Club
Empire’s Finest

Perris, CA

Original 3.8 V-6

1997 Eldorado seats wrapped in various shades of vinyl with a custom headliner and center console

Two-stage Fuchsia with pearls, pinstriping, and tape shades

Hoppo’s-built two-pump whammy tank, hardlined into four dumps

OG Dayton wire wheels mounted onto 13-inch Travel Star radials