Hot Rod Freddy’s Journey to Owning a ’75 Impala Glasshouse

GQ: Glasshouse Quintero

For many car customizers and collectors, the year, make, and model make all the difference in the world. Some shoot for the first year of production while others opt for the last; and then there are those who choose a specific year simply for personal reasons. Thus is the case for “Hot Rod Freddy.” When it came time to scoop up an Impala, he chose a 1975 simply because it was manufactured the same year he was born.

Appropriately named “GQ” (Glasshouse Quintero), this project was one that was a longtime coming. Alfredo grew up in the small community of Fallbrook, California, and lowriding has been a lifelong passion for as long as he can remember. His friend (and now club brother), Big Mike Orozco, played a pivotal role in getting Freddy into the game and, surprisingly enough, the first ride he ever built was a hot rod.

Freddy’s first build started with a 1973 Chevy Nova, which was a gift from his mother. It started life as a hot rod and soon after was converted into a lowrider. At the time, a couple of rattle cans were enough to coat the Cragar-wrapped 5.20s, and then all it took was a chain steering wheel and a down-low stance to convert the one-time hot rod into a boulevard cruiser. From there, his next ride was a 1973 Impala that was rolling on some hundred spokes.

As life happens, sometimes there comes a time where you have to part ways with your beloved rides. Alfredo had to part ways with his rides, but he knew that he would be back lowriding one day. Three years into his relationship with his beautiful wife, Adrienna, he mentioned to her about his dream ride, a 1975 Chevy Impala Custom. Her response was simply: “Look for it.” The search was on like a kid on a treasure hunt until he found what he was looking for—and it was a mere $3,500. After he found his treasure, it took a few years to become the glasshouse you see today.

Freddy says the car was in OK shape, but has gone through a transformation. The first thing on the “to do” list was to put some Cragars on it for that old-school look. Then he took it to Joe and Ground Control in Pomona, California, for the air suspension, allowing the low comfortable ride that he was looking for. Next was the body and paint; it took over three years to complete the body mods and Pete Becerra of Krazy Kustoms laid down the House of Kolor Root Beer Brown, which fits the car nicely. Freddy called on Manny at Auto Art to add the pinstriping and leafing to accent the smooth body lines. Freddy changed out the Cragars with some Truspoke wheels and 5.20s to keep that OG look for his ride.

The car hit its first show in San Diego at Chicano Park in 2015. Alfredo mentions that one of his proudest and most enjoyable moments is when he was able to have his whole family in his ride, flying his “Groupe” plaque in the back window.

Alfredo and his family were given the opportunity to move to Georgia for work and they took a leap of faith and made the move. It happened fast and by December 2015, the family was relocated to Canton, Georgia, where they still reside. It didn’t take long before “GQ” and Groupe Car Club made its presence felt in the Atlanta Lowrider scene, where he has proudly shown the craftsmanship of his build. “GQ” has shown in TJ, San Diego, Bakersfield, Atlanta, Kentucky, and all the way down to Miami in the short time it has been completed and Alfredo plans on more trips up and down the East Coast.

Life has its way of throwing curve balls and sometimes the path you take isn’t always the straightest path. Alfredo and his family are a perfect example of what it means to come together for what is best for the family. The leap of faith to leave the things you know, family, and friends for the betterment of your family is still a tough decision. With his family and “GQ” along for the ride to Georgia, Alfredo has proven that just because you leave a geographical location, doesn’t mean that you take the lowrider off the streets. The road may change, but there will always be a road to put the spokes on and show off to the world the true craftsmanship that goes into a lowrider. Alfredo wants to especially thank the Lord above, his wife, Adrienna, family, Groupe Car Club, and all of the people who were part of making his dream ride come to life.

1975 Chevrolet Impala

Vehicle Nickname

Glasshouse Quintero


Alfredo “Hot Rod Freddy” Quintero


Canton, GA




350 engine with 2-inch glasspacks


Door handles and shaved trunk with molded hood, trunk, dash, and decklid. Pete Becerra laided the root beer House of Kolor candy over a beige silver base before Manny Auto Art added the striping.


four-ply Firestone airbags with two ViAir compressors


After adding Dakota Digital gauges with a Forever Sharp steering wheel, Mr. Doro added the light brown and dark brown pleather


Fat Rob installed the all CT sound system


14×6 Truspoke wire wheels 5.20s, Premium Sport