Back in the ’90s, Billy Nugz grew up in a blue-collar town just outside of Toronto, Canada. During that time many of his peers were raving and consuming drugs, but not Billy. He was too focused on spending any free time and any spare change working on his lowrider bike, a hobby he picked up when his cousin introduced him to Lowrider magazine and one that would prepare him to build a car of his own.

With money saved up he eventually landed himself a 1963 Impala (four-door) and his first mod was what was supposed to be a simple two-pump setup. With little knowledge he was able to get it all put in, but once he fired it up it took a turn for the worse. “I hooked the entire battery rack to the front pump and after hitting the switch for the first time I arched the battery terminal,” Billy says. That’s when he met Jeff Forgione, the man who helped him resolve his issue, and they’ve been friends ever since.

As love would have it, Billy wound up selling his Impala to buy his then girlfriend a ring, but while saving up for the wedding he came across a 1965 Riviera that was listed on the Canadian Auto Trader. “I called the guy and he still had it, so I talked to my fiancee and somehow convinced her to let me buy it,” Billy says. Excited, he drove an hour and a half through a storm to make the deal and even offered $5,000 less than asking price. Although the owner was hesitant about the deal, a brown bag filled with cash convinced the seller to let it go. After a few years revamping it, the final product is one they could all be proud of.

1965 Buick Riviera

Vehicle Nickname

Billy Nugz

Toronto, Canada

401ci Nailhead with Mooneyes valve covers and Powermaster starter, Edelbrock carburetor, Sanderson headers

PPG Midnight Blue

Black Magic whammy pump with four Interstate batteries

Stock white

Kenwood stereo with two Pioneer 6×9-inch speakers

72-spoke Daytons with Premium Sportway 5.20s

Jeff at Switches & Thangs, Matt at Vintage Auto Cycle, his wife