Building a lowrider requires money—and a whole lot of patience. To be honest, the emotional roller coaster of building a lowrider is probably what makes us appreciate them so much more.

Just ask Johnny Martinez from Style Car Club. He was building a 1985 Fleetwood Brougham and at the beginning of the project he already knew what he was in for. With a good understanding that it was going to take quite some time, he soon after watched an entire car show season pass him up. This is when he decided it was time for him to get a daily until he had a chance to button up the 1985 Fleetwood.

1995 cadillac fleetwood passenger rear quarter panel

After making that decision, he began searching for a temporary ride when he found this 1995 Fleetwood on an online site. Soon after, he found himself inspecting the ride, and when it turned out to be in great condition, he bought it.

After riding the big-body (1995 Cadillac) for two years he decided that it was finally time to paint it. The plan was to repaint it with a light blue, simple pinstriping, and light patterns on the roof. He decided on a House of Kolor Candy Blue with a pearl so once the keyholes and rear door handles were shaved the Cadillac was dropped off at Mexico Collision Center (MCC) who would throw the candy and custom pattern job. From there, Alberto Herrera was called in to add murals to the trunklid, E&G bumper kit, and door pillars.

1995 cadillac fleetwood hydraulic setup

Not wanting to let the rest of the car lack he had MCC and Loco’s For Life Hydraulics install a custom two-pump chrome setup in the trunk. Jarboe Designs then stepped in to install the audio system, which sports a custom fiberglass trunk that gives it an updated look. Once that was done, Jarboe fiberglassed the dash, rear package tray, and door panels, while California Upholstery then used four different shades of leather and vinyl for a custom look on the original seats.

1995 cadillac fleetwood rear bumper

With this Cadillac all wrapped up and ready to show, he’s not only pushing one mean low-low but also pushing back the completion dates of his 1985 build. Then again, it’s probably not a bad thing, when you consider just how clean this one came out.

We can’t wait to see what becomes of the 1985, and we’ll keep you posted on any progress.

1995 Cadillac Fleetwood

Vehicle Nickname
Still Waters

Johnny Martinez

1995 cadillac fleetwood passenger side profile

Fontana, CA


1995 cadillac fleetwood custom fiberglass patterned parcel shelf shelf

Factory 5.7 LT1

Installed a 42-inch moonroof then shaved keyholes and rear door handles before adding the House of Kolor Candy Blue with a pearl

With extended upper A-arms and reinforced lowers the two MCC pumps with polished hydro-aire dumps, Hoppo’s blocks, and four 31-series batteries were installed

A billet steering wheel was installed while the original seats were done in four different shades of blue using leather and vinyl

1995 cadillac fleetwood driver side view

Alpine deck and EQ with two 1500.1 and two 650.4 Kicker amps to power the four Kicker 5.5-inch mids and two Kicker L7 12-inch subwoofers

100-spoke 13×7 wire wheels with Remington Touring LX 155/80R/13 tires