When “Royals” dropped—the lead single on Lorde’s 2012 breakout The Love Club—it was a sensational hit that left many mesmerized, including myself. With deep bass rumbles and programmed beats, it was a sultry track built to soothe, but what truly stuck out to car lovers was the pre-chorus that had many of us singing along when she flowed, “We don’t care; we’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams.”

In what could be deemed a coincidence, her chorus also squeezes out a few lines that are all too familiar to all of us. In it she says, “It don’t run in our blood, that kind of luxe just ain’t for us, we crave a different kind of buzz.” In reference she’s talking about going against the grain and chasing what you desire and not what society or another class tells you is cool and this is exactly the case for not only lowriding but Alex Ruiz, the owner of this majestically royal Cadillac haling out of Rancho Cucamonga, California.

As the previous owner of several Impalas, Alex had the itch to ditch the pack and he wanted something unique; and he didn’t have to look far. One day his friend pulled up in a jet-black 1947 Cadillac and he immediately fell in love. At the time, his money wasn’t right but it didn’t stop him from scouring the Net. Post after post, he did his due diligence up until he ran across a listing for a 1947 Cadillac Series 62 convertible.

“Money-wise, I wasn’t ready to purchase it but kept an eye on it constantly to see if it would sell,” Alex explains. Six months later, his money was right, and to his luck the car was still for sale, so they set up a meeting. “The car was located in Wisconsin [so] I had rust concerns and wanted to confirm that it was complete [just] to see if it was truly something I wanted,” he says. At the time, it was winter season so Alex had his apprehensions about going but his wife made the move to contact the owner, book the flights, and they were out.

Upon their arrival, they were greeted by the seller who gave them the history of the car. It was originally a Bay Area car before her husband bought it and brought it to Wisconsin to restore it. But all that talk fell to deaf ears the minute she opened the garage. At first sight, it was game over. “She opened up the garage and almost immediately I whispered to my wife that the car was coming home with us.” To his surprise, the car was stored in a temperature-controlled environment and was never taken out in the snow, so there were absolutely no rust issues. The owner then allowed Alex and his wife to take it out for a spin and this made them fall deeper in love with the car.

Upon his inspection, it turns out the lady’s husband had added a new front end, Escalade seats, 700R transmission, and a new crate motor. With those options already installed and in good working condition, half the battle had already been fought so they came up with a number they were both happy with and it was time for the Cadillac to come home with its new owner.

With the car back in California, they wasted no time hitting the streets. After six months of cruising, Alex decided that it was time to make it his by injecting his own flavor profile into the car. First on the list was to have Universal Air throw a set of ‘bags on it and later that year it received Ford 9-inch rear and four-link suspension. While the paint was in relatively good condition, he had fellow club member George strip it down and block the body. Once complete, Old School Restoration doused it with a custom champagne with a clear that had a gold pearl mix. While the paint was being done, all parts were sent out to get dipped in chrome. Ron Mangus then reupholstered the interior and the convertible top to match the new paintjob. The final step was to install the stereo system and have the dash airbrushed in a woodgrain look.

In all, this mammoth vehicle leaves its footprint where it goes and it’s well deserving of all the attention it gets. It’s a definite neck breaker that’s become a regular SoCal sight and for those lucky enough to see it in person, it definitely offers a different kind of buzz that all can enjoy!

1947 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

’47 Caddy

Alex Ruiz

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


352 cid with V-8 and Holley carb

Axalta Champagne Pearl

Ford 9-inch rear with four-link suspension and Universal Air airbag setup

Classic Industries gauges with custom tan leather interior

Pioneer stereo with Kicker amps ad speakers

15-inch steel wheels with Cadillac sombrero hubcaps and American Classic tires