Born and raised in Colombia, Andre “Dre” Avila is the youngest of three kids. As a child he would watch his pops building custom trucks. His father was the go-to guy for custom builds, but when Dre was just 10 years old, his father was tragically killed and the family had to relocate for a safer future. Fortunately, Dre’s aunt lived in Hialeah, right outside of Miami, so the family relocated there until his mother was able to earn enough money to get their own place.

1971 lincoln continental mark iii driver side view

When Dre started school in Miami he found out his talent was drawing. He would spend every day drawing custom lowrider vehicles and sell them to kids from school to earn enough to have lunch money. He started building lowrider model cars and his drawings and models started to become more creative and elaborate. Once old enough, he bought his first car and immediately started customizing it. He was never satisfied, always trying to achieve something better.

1971 lincoln continental mark iii prohopper pumps

Browsing the Internet he came across a barn sale in Indiana that had a 1971 Lincoln Mark III. Dre wasn’t familiar with that year because they aren’t widely popular. “The car just spoke to me,” Dre tells LRM. “It was like it was calling for me to get it.” It took the next four months to close the deal but once he brought the classic home, he and his wife, Marlene, both took it around the block. They knew from that moment it would be welcomed with open arms into the family.

1971 Lincoln Mark

Vehicle Nickname
Da Bully

Andres Avila

1971 lincoln continental mark iii andres avila

Miami, FL

Club Affiliation
Good Times

1971 lincoln continental mark iii passenger side front view

Dupont Chroma base paint House of Kolor Gold Pearl, House of Kolor clearcoat by Kent, gold plating by Jay in Miami, engraving by Engraving_By_inkstinct_Dre

460 V-8, Edelbrock carburetor

1971 lincoln continental mark iii front seats

four-pump Prohopper pumps with accumulators, four switches and six batteries done by Kent

restored original burgundy leather

Sound System
Pioneer head unit, Pioneer components

1971 lincoln continental mark iii engraved grill

13×7 all-gold Dayton Wire Wheels, 155/80-13 Marshall tires

Special Thanks
Dre wishes to thank Donald and Dre from the Good Times Indiana chapter for helping him find and purchase his prized possession, as well as Rick from the Miami chapter. The biggest thanks goes to his beautiful wife, Marlene, and his 7-year-old daughter Marcella. He strives to give them the life they deserve. Although most bullies have a negative impact on our lives, Dre made Da Bully a positive.