For many, retirement is a time to relax after spending much of your life hard at work. During that time, some seek comfort in fishing, others may prefer sitting on the porch, but for Demond Warfield he found the free time a great way to exercise his love and passion for lowriding.

1957 chevrolet bel air rear bumper

Out of high school, he joined the United States Marine Corp and throughout his time served he’s traveled all across the globe to countries such as Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Spain, Italy, and Japan. But out of all of his travels, it was during boot camp in Los Angeles that something monumental happened. Demond wound up staying with his brother who lived in Los Angeles and one day while cruising around, they pulled up beside a lowrider truck that started hopping.

He was instantly hooked.

It was the first time he had seen a lowrider in action and he was so impressed that he started making plans to build one as soon as he got out. When that time came, he started searching for his first ride, which wound up being a 1963 Impala. As he built the car and immersed himself in the culture, he quickly learned about the lifestyle and began idolizing the fluid lines of the 1957 Chevy Bel Air. After admiring the car for years—and going through four more classics—he finally found one, and that’s when he changed it all up.

1957 chevrolet bel air interior

He found the Bel Air sitting in Pennsylvania. It was in decent condition but Desmond already had a plan. “The Bel Air needed some attention,” Demond tells LRM. “It’s something that I knew I could make into something special so I picked it up.”

With no time to waste, he brought the Chevy to Walt at Street Toyz in Mississippi and that’s where the talented crew gave the 1957 life. The frame was wrapped, painted, and a full Pitbull hydraulic setup was added. Walt completely dressed up the motor by chroming everything visible and tuning it to run perfect. With no-holds-barred, the entire car was redone and the stock paint was brought back to life by Mike from G&M Garage in Kankakee, Illinois. His car club brother Coast One flew in from California to lay down patterns on the roof and frame.

1957 chevrolet bel air pitbull hydraulic setup

Demond made a promise that after he got his dream car, it would be the very last he’d have and customize. The completely unrecognizable Bel Air was named The Retirement because this was his final full build. He wishes to thank everyone who helped him throughout the build, including his family and club members for always standing by him. He also wishes to thank his coworkers at the South Suburban Police Department. As an active police officer and Marine, Demond knows how to handle retirement the right way, behind the wheel of the Godfather of Lowriders, a 1957.

1957 Chevy Bel Air

Vehicle Nickname
The Retirement

Demond Warfield

1957 chevrolet bel air demond warfield

Richton Park, IL

Club Affiliation

1957 chevrolet bel air individuals car club plaque

PPG Tropical Turquoise done by Mike from G&M, top and frame patterned by Coast One, bumpers and undercarriage chromed by Newsome Bumpers

283 small-block, bored out 0.030 over, painted to match, chromed everything on the block

1957 chevrolet bel air 283 small block motor

Pitbull hydraulic setup with three Adex dumps, hardlines, eight batteries, 8-inch cylinders up front, 12-inch cylinders in rear

Dakota Digital gauges, redressed chrome, original feel interior turquoise and black

1957 chevrolet bel air front seats

Sound System
Custom Autosound head unit, Pioneer components, one 12-inch Pioneer subwoofer, Pioneer amplifier

13×7 all-chrome 72-spoke Dayton Wire Wheels, 155/80-13 Tiger Paws