Last summer I flew out to Montreal, Canada, for the 9th Annual Luxurious BBQ at George O’Reilly Park. As always, I was the early bird trying to get the worm, so when I spotted this 1985 Buick Regal sitting at the edge of the park, I knew I had found a winner.

1985 buick regal luxurious billet steering wheel

The car belonged to Olivier B. Rozon of Luxurious. I approached him about shooting the vehicle and with a big smile, and the flick of a cigarette he said, “Sure. Hop on in.” Needless to say, we hopped into the G-body and drove it out to the other side of the park next to St. Lawrence River to shoot it.

1985 buick regal luxurious park

With short resources to build a lowrider in Montreal, Olivier sought to build a car that was partially built to his likings. After searching through thick and thin, he found this 1985 Regal in Portland, Oregon, with its vermillion red flake paintjob, three-pump setup, and tan leather interior. He purchased the car after working out a deal with the Gary Anderson (the original owner) and had it shipped to Canada five years ago.

1985 buick regal luxurious leather seats

Since then, Oliver swapped out the original motor with a 350 that he has customized with aftermarket parts, such as an aluminum radiator, Optima battery, and Edelbrock carb and intake. He also made minor modifications to the interior. In all, it’s a solid car that’s been modded with some personal touches, and it’s yet another fine addition to the world of lowriding.

1985 Buick Regal

Vehicle Nickname
Taste of Kandy

Olivier B. Rozon

1985 buick regal luxurious north side plaque

Montreal, Canada


1985 buick regal luxurious 350 motor engine

350 with Edelbrock carburetor/intake, aluminum radiator, dual-electric fans, and Optima battery

Vermillion red with flake, striping, and leafing

1985 buick regal luxurious pioneer stereo

Three HiLow hydraulics pumps with eight batteries

Tan leather with orange tubing and buttons

1985 buick regal luxurious continental kit park

Pioneer deck with Focal speakers and JL Audio subs

13×7 OG Wire Wheels with 155/80/R13 tires