Lowriding has a colorful past that is rooted with a strong cultural foundation and a history of its own. While it’s often overshadowed by the negative—and often exaggerated—stereotypes of the past, lowriding is starting to shed its skin of those anchors of hate and misinformation, and here today is a culture that’s beginning to expand its wings and deliver the truth.

1965 chevrolet impala rear bumper

You see, lowriding allows us to express ourselves in a creative manner. Our cars are an extension of our imagination—as well as our family—and the scene has helped many of us steer away from trouble. Take for example Jerome Marquez, he’ll tell you firsthand how a simple gift would lead to an interesting build with plenty of highs and lows. With a rich heritage in lowriding, Jerome’s family was no stranger to the scene. In fact, they wanted their son to take part in the festivities, so when Jerome turned 16 they decided to surprise him with a lowrider of his own. That gift came by way of a 1965 Chevrolet Impala.

1965 chevrolet impala digital gauge cluster

The Impala—long before it was transformed—lived a horrible life. As it sat waiting for its day of glory, the car was vandalized numerous times and it took quite some time before it would finally have its day of redemption. Not too long after those series of events, the salvation of the vehicle began with a visit to Robert Jasso of No Limit Auto. It was there where the car was cleansed of its impurities and imperfections. With the bodywork prim and proper, the folks at No Limit Auto followed up by applying several coats of House of Kolor paint, which included a variety of hues, including candy blues, greens, and purples. Once dry, the base was treated to a series of patterns and accenting pinstripes, which would help tie the whole thing together. From there, Wizard’s Upholstery installed a custom interior that was complemented by a full Pioneer and Fosgate audio system. The wheels came by way of the crew at Pops Tire Shop, where they bolted on a brand-new set of 14×7 100-spoke Galaxy wire wheels powered by a small-block 350 crate engine. Last on this journey would be the installation of a custom Universal air ride suspension by the same crew over at No Limit Auto. This unit maintains the altitude control of the car and sets it off with a hard parked stance, which leaves a final and lasting impression.

1965 chevrolet impala passenger side profile

In all, this Impala build required the help of many, but collectively it created a platform that Jerome and his family could be proud of. It’s also a great example of the family bond created by this automotive scene and in reality this is what defines the heart and soul of our not only our culture but our scene.

1965 Chevrolet Impala


Jerome Marquez

1965 chevrolet impala steering wheel

Car Club
Street Players

Las Vegas, NV

1965 chevrolet impala passenger side front view

Chevy small-block 350 with chrome and billet accents

Wizard’s Upholstery created the multi-patterned blue leather interior

1965 chevrolet impala dashbord

No Limit Auto sprayed the House of Kolor Blue patterns with accenting silver flake

Universal Airbag suspension installed by No Limit Auto