Long-time and older generation LRM readers may recognize the name of James (Jim) Brown. No, not the “Godfather of Soul,” but rather the godfather of lowriding from North Las Vegas, Nevada. James has owned a variety of cars from a ’69 Volkswagen Bug to an ’82 Olds Cutlass, ’60 Pontiac Star Chief, ’59 Chevy Impala, and hardtop and convertible ’64 Impalas. Newer and younger readers may recognize the name as being the one behind the recent DVD series, Dip’n, based on some of the top car builders on the lowriding scene.

James is an engineer for the Nevada Power Company, but he is probably more connected on the streets from his mobile disc jockey service where he was known as “DJ Jim Brownski” with some 20-plus years of service. James is once again retaining his well-respected street status with another custom creation, a ’61 Impala Super Sport convertible. One and a half years of James’ time went into this bad boy and he estimates that a little more than $30,000 was invested into this car, which, at one time, actually had a small tree growing through it while it was laying in a yard! To get this convertible low-low up to par, Jim destroyed a perfect bubbletop ’61 plus half of another ’61 for parts. The floorboards, front clip, doors, trunk and quarter panels were transferred from the two-door bubble, which gave “Mind Sex” a chance at survival.

To bring out the much-needed luster, Kyle at Automotive Plating Services took care of the chrome and gold-plating needs. The boxed A-arms and rear axle received their chrome dips. On other customizations, Jim did much of the work himself including the suspension modifications. His friend “Hydraulic Dre” of No Refunds Hydraulics took his sweet time on this ride, carefully installing the high-pressure hydraulic setup. On the inside, in the dash, Jim had the option to upgrade the classic gauges to digital, but ultimately decided not to. Jim explains that he does not listen to rap or other modern music while cruising down the street in this classic ride. “When I roll, I refuse to look at a digital dash while playing Marvin Gaye!” No one will argue with Jim on that! His car speaks for itself and there is no denying that this is a trophy-taking Impala, fo’ shizzle!

Mind Sex
Owner: James Brown
Vehicle: ’61 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible
City/State: North Las Vegas, Nevada
Club: One Luv C.C.
Engine/Drivetrain: Walt’s Customs in North Las Vegas was the builder of this ’95 5.7-liter V-8 Chevy engine, which sports chrome Edelbrock heads, double-pump Holley carburetor, custom chrome center bolt valve covers, gear drive timing with RV cam, and plenty of chrome tubing.
Body/Paint: Lil’ Ron at 1st Class Auto Body in Las Vegas handled the bodywork and signal orange pearl. Adolfo was the man in charge of the “Mind Sex” mural.
Interior: Rick at Exotic Leather in Las Vegas handled the interior needs. In an OG pattern, a cream lambskin was stitched up in the stock pattern.
Sound System: A Kenwood 200-watt amp sends power through a Pyle crossover and to two Pioneer door-mounted tweeters and two Pioneer midrange speakers. Two 10-inch Pyle woofers pound the bass of the good ol’ music from the ’60s and ’70s. “Keebler” at Smokies in Regal Estates, Nevada, handled the stereo installation.
Setup: No Refund Hydraulics installed a two-pump hydraulic setup with chrome hardlines and a custom Plexiglas battery cover. OG chrome Jet cylinders and “stuffed” 2-ton springs provide height control and are powered by four switches and six batteries. The “X” frame was fully reinforced with 1/4-inch plates.
Tires: 5.20 Premium Sportway whitewall
Wheels: 13×7 LA Wire