The cars we create inspire the next generation of builders. Whether they borrow a color tone, or mimic a pattern, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and such is the case with Abel Verdugo. Years back when he built his Dodge Charger he found inspiration through a fellow car club member’s ride and it gave him a sense of direction.

2006 lexus gs300 passenger side graphics

In the end he wound up calling the car “Aftershock” and it was patterned after another vehicle in his club, which earned the moniker “Chop Lex,” a car that he’d admired for years. Fast-forward a few years later and the unthinkable happened: he found out that “Chop Lex” was up for sale. Being that it inspired his own build he took to the bank and wound up purchasing the car that is being featured here.

2006 lexus gs300 chopped top

The Lexus GS300 came customized from top to bottom with the main focal point being the one-of-a-kind chop-top roof. The car was covered in various candies, pearls, and flakes with patterns running throughout the car. The California Upholstery interior followed the paint scheme by adding layers of multicolored leathers and mimicked the vehicle’s patterns. A fiberglassed center console and trunk was then added to showcase a Kenwood stereo system with monitors, Fosgate subwoofer and amplifiers. Even a custom RideTech air-ride setup was installed in order to accommodate the newly installed Forgiato 22-inch wheels with Pirelli tires.

2006 lexus gs300 passenger side quarter panel

In many aspects we envy Abel. He did not have to go through all the headaches that come with building a custom ride, but in the end, the fact remains that it doesn’t matter whether you built it or not. What matters is that you get out there and lowride and represent Swift Car Club with the continuous support of his wife, Michelle, son, A.J., and daughter, Jordan.

2006 Lexus GS300

Chop Lex

Abel and Michelle Verdugo

2006 lexus gs300 verdugo family

Car Club

Phoenix, AZ

2006 lexus gs300 front fascia

2006 Lexus 3.0

Multicolored leathers mimicking the vehicle’s patterns

2006 lexus gs300 interior

Candy and pearl patterns with pinstriping and murals

RideTech air-ride setup installed by L.A. Kustoms

2006 lexus gs300 forgiato wheel

Custom staggered Forgiato 22-inch wheels painted to match