With an endless number of cars to customize, the number one question many builders seem to be asked is, “Why that car?” This holds especially true for Jesus Rodriguez. Whereas most gravitate toward Cadillacs and Impalas, Jesus chose the Nissan Altima, and it’s with good reason. The car brings back fond memories of his first Altima that he saved up for while working his first job. It was the car his father helped him build in the process.

Tragically, a year of misfortune led to the car being totaled in an accident, and months later tragedy struck again with the death of his father. Longing to bring back the memories shared with his father, he wound up purchasing another 2005 Nissan Altima.

Little by little the upgrades began, starting with a set of custom 22-inch wheels. To erase the gap, a ViAir air-ride suspension was installed and then he jumped over to the interior, a task left to Joe and the crew at California Upholstery. The interior was completely transformed and covered with various shades of green vinyl. In the process the dash was molded, the door panels customized, and it’s a carryover from the House of Kolor Planet Green with microflake accents. From afar, the paintjob is loud and striking, but walk closer and realize that the roof and rear windshield were removed between the rain gutters. It’s an open-air sensation that mimics the likes of the Maybach Landaulet, and it blends the exterior and interior with a design exercise that’s both stunning and daring.

With the car complete, he joined Nockturnal Car Club, and not only was he amidst the company of like-minded car enthusiasts but a member of a brotherhood that offered solace and guidance following his father’s death. And while Jesus’ father, Angel, is no longer with us, the car serves as a reminder of all the precious moments he spent with his father. In closing, he has this to say: “Thank you, Dad. Thank you for always being there for me.”

2005 Nissan Altima

Jesus Rodriguez


Bell, CA

Original V-6 3.5L

House of Kolor Organic Green

Two-toned with custom-fabricated inserts by California Upholstery

ViAir air-ride suspension

22-inch Forge Rucci with 235/30-22 radials