While the Lincoln Town Car was produced from 1981-2011, its namesake first made its appearance in 1959 as an ultrarare sub model of the Lincoln Continental. This luxury, full-size sedan has gone on to provide a great variety of models, all which have served as great canvases for lowrider creations.

Their last body style is one that, in recent years, has become one of the most popular. The “turtle,” as it has come to be known, has always been one of Manny Marin’s favorites. So, when the opportunity came for Manny to purchase a recently painted 2000 Lincoln Town Car from his cousin, Steve Padilla, he knew that the time was now to turn one of his dreams into a reality.

When Manny picked up the car, it was covered in a Cobalt Blue base far from the finished version you see today. With the help of Mr. Bills in Colorado Springs, this “turtle’s shell” was about to receive a complete overhaul. After laying down a convoluted-layered paint scheme, they got busy spraying the multiple tones of blues and grays, finishing it with silver leafing and airbrushed murals.

The undercarriage turned into something the Ford Motor Company would have never imagined. No bolt was left untouched, as the entire underneath was chrome plated and polished but not before receiving some engraved upgrades. The chassis was molded and candy painted to match its exterior. The plush original interior was updated with gray vinyl and blue suede inserts, along with a custom Billet Specialties steering wheel. The engraved upgrades carried over to the special-built Hi Low two-pump whammy tank setup, as well as the special-order 13×7 Zenith wire wheels, which were updated with an anodized finish to the hub and dish.

While the improvements continue to this day, it is safe to say this is no longer your “grandpa’s” Lincoln. But we’d be willing to bet he’d be more than happy to take it out for a cruise.

2000 Lincoln Town Car

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Manny and Debi Marin

Car Club

Brighton, CO

Original 4.7 with pain and chrome upgrades

Original patterns redone in gray vinyl with light blue inserts

Cobalt Blue base with a multilayered paint scheme, silver leafing, and murals

Hi Low whammy tank setup with four switches activating the 10-inch strokes up front and 16-inch rear strokes

13×7 Zenith wire wheels anodized blue with engraved dishes