What’s it like being a writer for a cutting edge magazine like Lowrider Edge? Sure, I see gorgeous models walking around the office all of the time, and then there’s being able to cruise around with some of the best rides in the country, but there is actual work involved. Take for example, this story. As a writer, I get a tech sheet and some pics, and I go off what I see. I call the owner if I have questions, and I write a killer article. A few days ago, Jeremy Varner’s tech sheet came across my desk. I was reading the tech, thinking about how tiny he writes (Just giving you grief, Jeremy!) and then Marco comes up to my cube with the pics.

“Hey, freak, put your sunglasses on for this one,” Marco says. Yeah, whatever. It can’t be that bright, right? I guess I was wrong on that one. Jeremy’s car is House of Kolor neon honey orange, and really does light up the room. Then I remembered that I had seen this car at the world famous SEMA show in Las Vegas just a few months prior. At the show, I actually had my sunglasses on and I still almost burned my retinas from the brightness. I remember commenting to my buddy, Brett, “Now this is a bright color.”

I looked back at the tech sheet and I saw that Jeremy Varner lives in Berwick, Pennsylvania. So he took the car all of the way from Pennsylvania to Nevada? I’ve got to shake this guy’s hand! It’s not often that you see dedication like that, and that’s what being on the Edge is all about.

Tech Spex Orgasmic Orange

Owner: Jeremy Varner
Vehicle: ’99 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24
City/State: Berwick, Pennsylvania
Club: Dreamakers Kustoms

Under the hood there’s a Weapon R Intake, modified cat-back Hiyame exhaust, strut tower bar, and all sorts of polished and billet pieces.

The car rides on bag struts up front with standard airbags in the rear. The system is controlled by a 10-switch box and a nitrogen bottle keeps the pressure going.

First there’s the paint, House of Kolor neon honey orange, painted by Dreamakers Kustoms in Tunkhanock, Pennsylvania. Then we have a fully molded body kit made from Rozzi and Soundspeed parts. Shaved from the body were the tails, stock mirrors, key locks and handles, gas door, and trunk lid. Then a RK Sport Ram Air hood was bolted on, LED tails were Frenched into the trunk, and a license plate box was welded up. A Decah bolt-on Lambo door kit was worked into the mix, too.

Farnsworth Auto Upholstery in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, did the full interior. Everything is either covered in white vinyl or painted to match the car. The carpet is neon orange carpet, and it’s just sick. There’s also a custom set of racing seats and an Ichibahn steering wheel and shifter.

18×7 Niche Spitfire wheels with P215/35-ZR18 Falken GRB tires stick the ride to the road.

Dreamakers Kustoms was called upon to do the system as well. Up front, a Clarion in-dash TV/DVD player controls the system, and feeds the signal to Audiobahn amps. Up front, mids and highs are by Kove Audio, while the rear has Audiobahn 12s to pump the bass. There’s also a PS2 in the mix, too, for those long car shows.