There are certain things in our lives that take us from bad to good, and for Daniel “Suga Dee” Gallardo, that motivation and inspiration came by way of lowrider culture. Born in Alamosa, Colorado, Daniel wasn’t originally headed in the wrong direction but when his family moved him to Highland Park, California, things changed. “I started getting in trouble and couldn’t stay out of it,” Daniel tells LRM. “That’s when the lowriders took over.”

1998 lincoln towncar back passenger side rear view

Although too young to drive, he was fascinated with the culture and often fantasized about owning a custom car. Lowriders were all around him and the influence created a new goal and a fresh new vision. When he was finally able to drive, he purchased his first lowrider, a Chevy truck on Daytons. He wound up joining Majestics Car Club and, as he kept getting more involved in the lowrider culture, he eventually purchased a Cutlass that was built to be a hopper.

1998 lincoln towncar dash

One day while scouring the web, Daniel found a unique Lincoln that caused him to change his mind. The Lincoln was built in Compton, California, by Nene, a fellow Majestics member, but had long been traded away. Daniel’s loyalty to his club and his love of the Town Car propelled him to offer a trade for his hopper.

1998 lincoln towncar trunk lid mural

The history on the Lincoln was rich, having been painted and built by some heavy hitters in the lowrider community. Years later he made the move back to Colorado. He packed up all of his belongings—including his car—and for the past four years Daniel has worked hard at his warehouse job and credits his new success and prosperity to the acquisition of his Lincoln. “Since I moved back to Denver everything has come together,” Daniel says. “I met my wife and my great Majestics family.”

1998 lincoln towncar trunk setup

He wishes to thank everyone for their support, including his beautiful wife, Miranda, and all his Majestics club brothers worldwide for pushing him to keep striving to be better. Some would say that he saved the Lincoln Town Car from being forgotten, but it might be that his new Lincoln named “Cream” saved Daniel from bad choices and made him focus his life on the better things.

1998 Lincoln Town Car

Vehicle Nickname

Daniel “Suga Dee” Gallardo

1998 lincoln towncar passenger side rear quarter view

Denver, CO

Club Affiliation

1998 lincoln towncar motor

Pearl Gold in a Root Beer Candy House of Kolor painted by Leo from Street Life Customs in Lancaster, California, patterns by OG Doc, pinstriping and leafing by Mike Lamberson & Curly, murals by Shinji Hara from Japan

A two-pump Black Magic whammy setup and hard lines, six Deka batteries and four switches done by Ricardo from Majestics HP chapter, chrome by Junior from Compton

1998 lincoln towncar interior

Chocolate suede and cream leather done by Gonzalo from Finish Line Upholstery

Sound System
Pioneer head unit and all Pioneer components, Hifonics amplifiers done by Tiny, aka El Tequilero, and Big Nene

1998 lincoln towncar double whammy pump speakers

Patterned-out 100-spoke Zenith Wire Wheels wrapped in Uniroyal Tiger Paws