Italians and Mexicans share plenty of cultural similarities. Aside from the colors on our flags, both cultures place a huge importance on family, sports, and soccer, and when it comes to throwing a feast, well, it’s easy to say we go all out and serve about three times what’s necessary.

But the cultural similarities don’t end there. Italians also have a passion for lowriding. While not as vast and expansive as what’s found in our own heritage, they do practice the lifestyle and they do so with pride. If you’ve ever paid a visit to San Pedro, there’s a small group of full-blooded Italians who live for lowriding. In fact, they’ve set a high standard doing so and Paolo Onorato is a great example.

For his first car, Paolo wanted to get an Impala but working at a market didn’t make him enough to afford one. “At the time all I could afford was a four-door Cadillac,” Paolo explains. Not wanting to waste any time, he took the Caddy to Homies Hydraulics where they installed a two-pump setup with a piston pump to the front and eight batteries to power it. He slapped a fresh set of Daytons and he was ready to mob the San Pedro shorelines.

For years, the Cadillac remained in this state, until he landed a longshoreman job. With a better-paying job, Paolo was able to stack some cheddar and freshen up the Caddy. To start, he sought out Curley’s Pinstriping and shared his paint scheme ideas with him, and Curley was able to deliver Paolo’s vision. Next he visited Gordo at 562 Kustoms who built him a custom interior and paneled off the trunk.

While Paolo may not have started off with the Impala he had hoped for, it did little from deterring him from doing the best with what he had. As the owner of one the cleanest 1991 Caddies in SoCal, it’s become clearly evident that he takes as much pride in his ride as he does in his heritage.

1991 Cadillac Brougham d’Elegance

Vehicle Nickname
Moon Struck

Paolo Onorato

San Pedro, CA

Stock 5.7

PPG white pearl paint with blue and lavender pearl patterns

Piston pump to the front and tailgate pump to the rear with Adex dumps and eight batteries

Custom suede and vinyl interior in light gray

Alpine stereo and mids, JL Audio amps and Kicker subwoofers

13×7 Daytons with Premium Sportways 5.20s