1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS – Seattle G-Body

It ain't a game. It's a lifestyle.

Ask Jimmy when he got into lowriding and he probably can’t give you an exact date. He’s been in the game for quite some time and it wasn’t until he helped a friend put together an Impala that the leisurely interest turned into an obsession powered by friends, family, and the pursuit for classic cars with a twist.

Jimmy stumbled across a 1987 Monte Carlo sitting outside of a home. As it sat, the car was a former lowrider sporting a weathered Candy Red paintjob and trunk mural. The car had definitely seen better days but it was yearning for a rebirth. He soon found out that the car had been sitting since 1997 and after a failed attempt to purchase it, he received a call about a month later and they struck a deal for a mere $2,500.

After a week of owning it he, along with his friends My Pham and Rob Monroe, decided to pull the engine out and replace it with a 350. With the motor out, it gave him the opportunity to paint the engine bay, belly, and frame of the car and the motor was set back in. My Pham laid some silver paint on the body and the seats were sent over to Top Stitch Upholstery to be draped in fine-grain black leather.

In all, building the G-body was a process that took longer than even he had expected. But just as he was running out of motivation, his friends pulled through and became the glue to hold the project together. “There was a time I came home and friends were sitting outside of my house saying that no one had a key to the garage,” Jimmy says. “I opened up the garage to find my ride sitting on a fresh set of cross-laced Zeniths. It was a surprise from all of them to keep my motivation going.” Needless to say it worked, and Jimmy got the second wind necessary to throw the interior back in. From there, the car was sent to Keo after getting the exhaust put on, and that’s when a unique trunk setup was put into place.

In terms of the build, we were curious to find out what he felt about his latest creation and his response was, “It was a major build that was unexpected, but it was all accomplished thanks to the entire RTR crew for helping me every step of the way.” He further mentions that the love, support, and belief in his vision by his wife and children were also very instrumental in making his dreams and vision come true.

1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS

Vehicle Nickname



Jimmy Ojeda


White Center, WA


350 small-block with Moroso valve cover/air filter, polished hi-flo performance water, pump, Champion aluminum radiator, Summit Racing chrome 150-amp alternator/starter/intake, Edelbrock carb, MSD distributor/wires, Hooker headers, Flowmaster exhaust, CPP pulley kit, and redtop Optima battery


Axalta Ultra Silver metallic paint


Reinforced stock frame with extended and A-arms, three Hi-Low pumps, Adex to the front, two Italian dumps to the rear, three aircraft butterfly slowdowns, three Parker check valves, and eight batteries


Black leather pillow seats by Top Stitch Upholstery


Alpine deck


13-inch 72 cross-lace Zenith and Travel Star P55/80-R13 tires