Johnnie Walker released their Green Label Irish whiskey back in 2004, a full 17 years after Joseph Flores’ 1987 Buick Regal Limited was born. Of course alcohol plays a giant role in this story, as you’ll find out.

Born in Glendale, California, Joseph and his parents took a vacation to sunny South Florida and decided not to leave. “I remember, I was in high school when we came to Miami,” Joseph tells LR. “The next thing I knew I was enrolling in school in South Florida.” It was there he met Gringo, one of the prominent members of Classic Angels in Miami, and one of the most prolific painters in Florida from whom he would learn from.

The Classic Angels club was always building new vehicles and known for their quality builds. The club would build vehicle after vehicle with members Andres, Gringo, Erock, Josue, Pincho, and Isaac, along with himself. One day, Joseph and Erock decided they wanted a “beer run” vehicle, so they found a beat-up 1987 Buick Regal that they would do beer runs in. As custom builders, even the beer run car couldn’t be left stock. They added some wire wheels and painted it along with a very modest hydraulic setup. The car was useful; not only could they run to the store for beer but they could now have some fun on the way there.

Joseph decided he wanted a beer run car of his own since it was on the way to being built. Gringo stripped the first paintjob off the body and handled the bodywork sanding and straightening all the lines out. Together, using Joseph’s skillset he learned from Gringo, they both added a full custom House of Kolor Kandy Green paintjob with heavy flake, ghost patterns, disco patterns, fade patterns, gold leafing, and pinstripe. Three gallons of clearcoat buried the paint to protect it from the Florida elements, while the standard wire wheels were replaced with a new set of 13-inch gold Zenith Wire Wheels.

Now that the exterior was taking form to what was needed, Joseph and Erock decided it was time to work on the suspension. Instead of the basic setup that was done originally, the duo added a full chrome suspension, reinforced the A-arms, and molded in a heavy-duty Toyota rearend for added strength converted to fit under the G-body chassis. A three-pump gold and chrome Pro Hopper setup was added to the trunk with Adex dumps with the ability to hop the Regal, if desired. Erock custom painted the setup to match the exterior so it would all blend together.

Underhood also received custom treatment as Joseph and Andres removed the 305 cid from the Buick and replaced it with a Chevy 350 V-8 along with the 700R transmission from a Chevy pickup truck. Joseph painted the engine and tranny, everything else under the hood was chrome plated and extra accessories, like an A/C unit, were added to the engine compartment. All chrome pulleys were added, along with a water pump Kandy painted to match. Chrome electric fans were installed to cool down the engine for long drives in the Buick.

The cabin of the Regal didn’t change much from stock because this Buick came with the limited-edition package that was clean and perfect for the style he desired. The plastic pieces were all removed and painted in Kandy green and the steering wheel was replaced and painted.

Every lowrider needs a little bump in the trunk, so Joseph and Classic Angels member Leslie “Summo” added the Boss head unit and a Pioneer subwoofer nestled behind the hydraulic setup, powered by an 800-watt Planet Audio amplifier.

Joseph maintains that the Buick he refers to as “Green Label” still spends a good portion of time making beer runs, whether it’s for the club, as they are working on their next project, or just for a casual weekend party in Miami. From a leftover sidecar to something that becomes useful for running errands to entering any car show, Green Label is certainly monumental to Joseph.

He wishes to thank his Classic Angels family—Andres, Gringo, Yuri “Pincho,” Josue, Erock, Isaac, Mike, Carlos and Leslie “Summo”—for all their help. Add another clean ride to the fleet built by Classic Angels and wait patiently for more just like we do.

1987 Buick Regal Limited

Vehicle Nickname
Green Label

Joseph Greene

Miami, FL

Classic Angels

350 Kandy Green, chrome pulleys, 700R transmission, paint and chrome by owner

Multiple layers of House of Kolor Organic Green, pearls, custom pinstripe, ghost patterns, and disco patterns done by Craig “Gringo” Coon; gold plating by owner

Reinforced and extended 1-inch A-arms, chrome suspension and Kandy painted, 3.5 coils, Caprice spindles, Kandy-painted calipers, custom-made Toyota pickup rearend Kandy painted, converted mount to G-body, custom chrome hopping shocks, three-pump chrome and gold Pro Hopper piston pumps, Adex dumps, eight batteries Kandy painted all done by Erick Rivera

All-original Limited pillow seats, Kandy painted trim and dash pieces by owner

Boss head unit, one Pioneer 12-inch subwoofer, 800-watt Planet Audio amplifier

13×7 center gold Zenith Wire Wheels, P155/80R13 Travel Stars