Growing up in New Jersey in an area where the latest and greatest trends were prevalent, Timothy Hill found himself on the outside of those trends. “While all the kids in my school were driving new, expensive cars, my love for the vintage classy cars was growing,” Timothy says. He was able to buy a 1962 Impala that seemed to just stand out among the other standard vehicles in the school parking lot. During that time he saw a Buick Regal with hydraulics and the thought of an altered suspension intrigued him, to the point where he made the purchase. And, he’s had that adrenaline for hydraulics in his system since then.

In the summer of 1998, his family decided to get away from the cold weather and relocate to Orlando, Florida. Timothy had just finished his junior year and couldn’t get both his vehicles transported. He reluctantly sold his Impala and brought the Regal down South. Once Timothy was settled he found that he wanted to redesign his Regal and tore it completely apart, but it never came back together and he ended up selling it. He found a mint 1985 Chevy Caprice and within months he fell in love with the body lines and style of the car.

The new Caprice was completely disassembled but this time he was more proactive. The frame was sent to Brent Greer of Pitbull in Louisville, Kentucky, to be wrapped and molded. The next step was turning the car over to Walter Stewart of Street Toyz in Jackson, Mississippi. The full four-pump hydraulic setup was installed and every piece of chrome was chrome plated. Maurice Andrews, from the Louisiana Individuals chapter, was brought in to do the complete color change and add graphics throughout. As a huge fan of Dean Yeagle, the animator and cartoonist who produced “Mandy” for Playboy magazine, Timothy enlisted Cadillac Mo to replicate the cartoons that were drawn by Yeagle.

Walter Stewart was able to find a crate 350 GM motor through a dealer and replaced the original 305 that came with the car. It was painted to match and a complete chrome kit was added to match the quality of the build. Once the Chevy arrived back home, Timothy had Bob’s Top Shop in Orlando redesign the entire interior. Good friend Anthony Rhodes from R.A.W. added similar murals to the plastic pieces on the dashboard as well as molding the inside of the trunk, hood, and inner fenders. A castle-style E&G Classics grille was added to the Caprice and a 40-inch moonroof was installed. Timothy’s Chevy maintained its daily use throughout the years, so Rhodes came in and updated the original paint to perfection.

As the president of the Individuals Orlando chapter, Timothy maintains a level of perfection that the club deserves. He wishes to thank his beautiful wife, Jenifer, and their children for their support and love. He wants to thank his Individuals family and his chapter for all their hard work and dedication to each other to make it a family style club. He also wishes to thank the countless people not mentioned who had a pivotal role in making “Knockout” the success it has been.

1985 Chevrolet Caprice

Vehicle Nickname

Timothy Hill

Orlando, FL

Club Affiliation

Chevy 350, 375 hp, chrome Edelbrock intake and carburetor, intake, lock series pulley kit, disc brakes, complete chrome kit, 350 turbo transmission, Ford 9-inch rearend

House of Kolor Orient Silver, charcoal gray graphics, murals, blue accents done by Maurice Andrews and Anthony Rhodes of R.A.W.; LED lighting; Dakota Digital sequence taillights; chrome plating on all chrome by Walter Stewart of Street Toyz in Jackson, MS; 40-inch sunroof added by Bob’s Top Shop of Orlando; castle-style E&G Classics grille; titanium scrape plates

Pitbull chrome two piston-pumps to the front sharing one super-duty Adex dump, two pumps to the rear with Adex dumps, 14 hidden Group 31 batteries with custom cover, extended arms, four-switch panel

All plastic parts coated and painted with murals, gray leather seats with silver suede inserts, E Nardi steering wheel, Dakota Digital gauges, Vintage Air A/C unit

Soundstream stereo system, touch-screen head unit, components, 10-inch subwoofer, 900-watt amplifier

13×7 100-spoke reverse Homboyz wire wheels, color-matched silver with gray pinstripe by Mike Lamberson, Uniroyal Tigerpaw P155/80R13