Women continue to tear down the stereotypes of the once male dominated car industry. With women now behind the wheel of race cars, designing some of the very cars we currently drive, and the influx of female mechanics and fabricators, it was just a matter of time before it carried over into the lowrider world.

Wife, mother, homemaker… CAR builder? While those words rarely go together, for Josefina Cornejo, they are a way of life. When you’re married to the larger than life Goodtimes car club member known as Shorty, you are simply destined to build a car of your own. For years, Josefina searched for the perfect project. When this 1984 Cutlass Supreme went on the market she jumped at the opportunity to purchase it. She knew exactly what she wanted and what the final product would look like. Wasting no time, she and the crew got busy prepping the body for the two-stage shell grey paint job, which was then covered in various colors of pinstriping, as well as gold and silver leafing. While the exterior trim and under carriage was away at the chrome shop, the frame was being reinforced and painted. Josefina had High Hitters build her a custom 2-pump set up, which would then be installed with the help of her husband, Shorty. The project would continue with the addition of a Flowmaster exhaust, custom grill and a brand-new set of 13in. chrome wire wheels.

As many of us know, the build of any lowrider is often a difficult road to travel. Josefina, along with raising 5 kids, somehow managed to complete her car, earning praise for showing the guys how it’s done. For her, there were to be no excuses or obstacles too big to overcome. Only results.

1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme


Josefina Cornejo

Car Club
Goodtimes C.C.

Kearns, Utah

Original 1984 305 with Flowmaster exhaust.

Burgundy suede in original stitching.

2-stage metallic silver with patterns and pinstriping.

High Hitters 2 pump setup installed by Shorty.

100 spoke straight-laced wire wheels with gold nipple accents.