A barnyard find is great, but even better is the acquisition of a well-kept classic that’s been driven, maintained, and well taken care of. These are the unicorns seen driving around town by a special breed of folks who don’t care about the latest and greatest but instead care about preserving what they’ve bought. Just ask Simon Chen, the new owner of this classic Cutlass.

At 17 his infatuation with classic cars landed him his first fully optioned 1978 Monte Carlo. After driving it for a year, it was totaled in an accident. Looking to stay in the same genre of vehicle, he began searching for another car and that’s when he spotted a fully optioned Cutlass Brougham parked in a handicap stall. After giving the vehicle a once over, he hoped for the best and decided to leave a note on the windshield asking if the vehicle was for sale. Eight months later he received a phone call from an older lady asking if he was still interested in the vehicle. “I got a call from the owner’s wife; she thought it was funny that I had left a note,” Simon explains. “She was in her eighties and she could tell over the phone that I was young and was actually surprised that I’d be interested in an older car.” Looking to strike a deal, he drove down to inspect the current state of the vehicle, and as expected the car was still in immaculate condition, so he purchased the car for $2,000.

The very next year his good friend Keo Sanh approached him about starting a car club and in turn the pair created Eazy Duz It Car Club. With no cars worthy of sporting a plaque, they were short on experience and resources but it didn’t stop them from wanting to build their first show car, so they decided to start with Simon’s Cutlass. Since the engine was in perfect working order they didn’t touch it.

To begin, the first order of importance was for Simon to install his own sound system. A painter by trade, Simon also laid down a fresh coat of black paint and had Chavo flown in from Arizona to leaf and stripe the car. In addition, the chrome trim was freshened up by Show Quality Metal Finish, the interior revamped by Central Family Upholstery, and a three-pump setup was installed in Sanh’s backyard.

A total of a year-and-a-half of work was done before the Cutlass was plaque worthy, and while he understands that it’s not a full show car, it was built as a benchmark for their entry point builds for the club. In addition to gaining the necessary experience, his Cutlass became a centerpiece of conversation and the hub by which friends, family, and his fiancee could say brought them all together on a passion project that represents not only a lifestyle but a culture that is intertwined with love, respect, camaraderie, and the passion for lowriding.

1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Vehicle Nickname
El Negro 84

Simon Chan

Beacon Hill, WA

Eazy Duz It

Stock 307 V-8

Axalta solid black with silver and variegated gold leafing and two-tone gray ‘striping

A HiLow Elite 2000 pump with an Adex dump to the front and two HiLow Hollywood pumps and Delta dumps to the back, all powered by six Trojan batteries

Black vinyl wrapped the pillow-top seats

Alpine stereo, two JL Audio amps, two 3-inch and 6×9-inch JL Audio mids, and a 10-inch subwoofer

13×7 72-spoke Zenith with 155/80 Travelstar tires