There are people who just randomly always have good luck and then there are people who are perpetually jinxed. For Dino Sabatino of Chicago, Illinois, his father Frank was known as “Jinx” based on his continuous bad luck. As a child Dino remembers his father taking vacations to gamble in Las Vegas and barely having enough money to fly home. His bad luck came quickly and furiously. Of course his bad luck wasn’t limited to gambling. In 2003 Frank was diagnosed with diabetes, eventually his cataracts caused him to go blind, and then in 2010 he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Dino had grown up admiring his father’s Cadillac collection, “He would get a new Cadillac every three years,” Dino tells LR. “I’d say he had about 10 different ones I can remember.” It was no surprise when Dino was ready to join the custom lowrider scene what his car of choice would be. He found a 1984 Cadillac Coupe De Ville for sale on the south side of Illinois. His father lent him the money to purchase the classic stock coupe so that Dino could start his project.

One of the first things Dino did was change the style by adding a set of Dayton Wire Wheels. One of the quickest ways to alter a purchased vehicle is to change the color, so Dino had John at Payless Auto Body handle the color change by going with a Kia Sparkle Blue. Jerry Chingas was enlisted to handle the custom pinstriping, and Dino flew Sic713 from Houston for all the leafing and patterns on the Caddy. Imaginations club brother Gonzo, who is a master hydraulic installer, began the suspension upgrade, bringing the Coupe De Ville to the ground with a two-pump Hi-Low setup. Another Imaginations member, Hector, added a full 44-inch moonroof to allow the windy city sun in.

Dino found a crashed 1995 Cadillac big-body in a junkyard that had a completely preserved motor. He and club member Lalo swapped it for the stock motor for more power and better performance. The next step was completely reupholstering the cabin to match the interior with vinyl and painted plastic. Once again, Jerry Chingas was called in to pinstripe the door panels, dash, and steering wheel. Dino’s son, Nicholas, who has stereo experience, added a system hidden away to keep the smoothed look.

Dino wishes to thank first and foremost his father Frank for instilling in him the desire and respect for the Cadillac brand, and also his wife, Julie, and kids Michael, Nicholas, Joey, and Alyssa. Special thanks go to all the Imaginations club brothers who were so quick to lend a helping hand in making Jinx a club affair. Dino’s father died in 2013 just before he was able to see the completed Cadillac build that he helped begin, but Dino knows that he’s alongside him in every way. Jinx was named to honor his father and demand respect in the lowrider culture.

1984 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

Vehicle Nickname

Dino Sabatino

Chicago, IL


Chevy 350 out of a 1995 Cadillac big-body, chromes valve covers, polished and painted manifold, K&N air filter, chrome motor mounts, Corvette plastic covers, motor work by Lalo Chavez

2005 Kia Sparkle Blue, House of Kolor pink and blue patterns done by John at Payless Autobody, leafing and patterns by Sic713, pinstriping by Jerry Chingas, molded firewall, bumper chrome plated by A&R Plating, 44-inch moonroof done by Hector

Two Hi-Low pumps, four Delta dumps, 8-inch cylinders in front and 10-inch in rear, hard lines chromed, eight Deka batteries, six switches, hydraulics installed by Gonzo

Custom interior, dark blue and light blue vinyl seats done by Mike at Ace Auto Interior, steering wheel, doorjambs and dash pinstriped by Jerry Chingas, dark blue carpet

Sound System
Sony head unit, two 12-inch Pyle subwoofers, Crunch amplifier installed by Dino’s son Nicholas

14×7 100-spoke Dayton Wire Wheel wrapped on Premium Sportway 5.20s, spare Dayton in trunk